Closing Thoughts

Over the years, I have participated in many events. I worshipped at the Eulogies and helped defend my home town of Piet when dubhaimid ravaged the land. Dubhaimid in Piet I was blessed to be kissed by Danaan at the Adoration. I have been called upon to assist when summoned succubi were attacking young Aislings. Pasha and I went on a quest to find Marlin in his cell Marlin's love, Bella, who had disappeared from Piet. Pasha and I performed the rite of the Heart of Moon and Heart of Fire together. I have collected blossoms from Mehadi Picking blossomsand I cured a child in Loures. Curing the childI was treasurer in a motley and a council member in a guild. I have been a respected citizen in both Mileth and Rucesion. I have guided and mentored many Aislings and have taught the ways of worship to hundreds more.

These days, I lead a quiet life. I hunt infrequently, preferring to spend my time with my family or in service to Ceannlaidir. I feel that I can best serve him by being available to assist those who are setting out in battle, rather than by being on the battlefield myself. I am fortunate that my parents remain in good health, and I enjoy visiting them after I have finished my duties in the temple. My husband and children bring me joy I cannot express, and I will treasure them always.

It is a good life.

Me :)

Allita Gilmour Hyrill

Priestess of Ceannlaidir

Deoch 14, 3rd Moon


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