To bring close to the subject and tie the loose ends of the knot together in another knot on the very same rope, I make these correlations of the groups to the Elements and conversely. Suffice it now to say that group One, being North and subsequentially the Element of Earth, is firmly placed at the first position in the wheel of reactions (N, E, S, W). To its side, group Two and the equivalent of East, lies the Element of Water. Following suit, group Three, South, and also the Element of Fire, is next on the wheel. Lastly positioned in the Western position is group Four, Air. The chain of reactions is evident in this newly sketched diagram, in which the reaction of the Element in the studied position decreases as the compared position moves clockwise along the wheel, yielding the strongest reaction with the position to its right in the sequence and the least forceful reaction with that to its left. The circle of reactions is best illustrated as follows: [N, E, S, W, N, E, S, W, N, ...] and so on. I find it difficult to explain in words what comes so clearly to me in my mind. I can only hope that you may extract the images I get in my mind from the spastic information spotted on this page.

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