Violent Reactions

      The manner in which differently woven elemental matrices react is astounding. Almost always the combination of two elemental Energies results in a violent disruption. If the Energy of Water were to be cast upon Energy of Fire, it would devastate the adversary. The same is true to the effect on Fire Energies upon Air Energies, Air Energies upon Earth Energies, and Earth Energies upon Water Energies. This appears as if a pattern, similar to the analogy established prior to this section, which in itself referrs to the four cardinal directions of North, South, East and West. The reactions of the groups correspond quite similarly to those of the Elements, although not inversely as it is in the NSEW example. It is possible to say that if the reaction is reversed, for example Fire Energy upon Water Energy, the reaction will be severly decreased in scale and produce less of the desired effect. The reactions rely entirely upon the vibration of the Energy threads to determine the reaction which will be produced when one matrix envelopes the thread of another Energy Element. I myself, through all my searches and writings of knowledge, have yet to discover the exact nature of what makes the vibrations from one group act differently to those of all other groups.

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