Relation of Energy to Anti-Energy

      Energy and Anti-Energy are precisely what they seem to be: opposites. When Anti-Energy and Energy clash or combine, a violent outburst of loose Energy is theoretically producesd. The Anti-Energy would then become Energy. However it is impossible for Energy and Anti-Energy to combine, thus the theory is just that, a theory, and cannot be tested. It is possible, however to transform Anti-Energy to Energy and conversely. If a wall of Energy is created, Anti-Energy cannot pass. It is possible however for Anti-Energy to "slip through" the threads of Energy and still affect the target. The inverse, however, of Energy not being able to viably penetrate Anti-Energy is that way because Anti-Energy threads are extremely tightly bound together in what could be reffered to as material objects, or "Matter". Some Matter actually serves as a conductor for Energy thread vibrations if properly conditioned and treated. Thus is the case in magical staves and other such objects. To summarize what has just been said, Anti-Energy can cross Energy, Energy cannot cross Anti-Energy (almost at all), yet Anti-Energy can be conditioned to conduct Energy thread vibrations.

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