Properties of Anti-Energy

      For Energy to pass through Anti-Energy, it must indtead go around it. It is quite possible to avoid an obstacle by "hooking" the matrix, yet this severely decreases efficiency and accuracy. Over too long a distance, indeed if a matrix must hook around too long a distance, the matrix will fail and simply dissipate, causing no effect to your target. Anti-Energy cannot be the target of a Magical procedure, simply for the fact that the threads of an Anti-Energy object do not resonate or vibrate at all. It is possible, through great amounts of concentration, to spark and kindle a vibration in an object of Anti-Energy. That object would then cease to be Anti-Energy and become what is referred to as blessed or enchanted. The threads vibrate at a queer, odd, and abject resonance, which may, can, and usually does result in some form of positive effect to the user of the object, providing the object can be used. Sometimes an enchanted ring may have been operated upon in the wrong manner and become cursed, encompassing vibrations from the Sixth group in its formerly-Anti-Energy fibers. These are always malevolent yet can sometimes be persuaded to change resonance by an experienced mentalist (Magician). Through concetration is is very possible to "break the curse" on a poorly-enchanted object. This requires the user to endure much hardship, however. But I digress, back to the matter at hand.

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