Relation of Energy to "Magic"

      Now, to truly explain exactly how Magic ties in with Energy. All through the previous paragraphs of this paper I have hinted towards what you now must surely know. Energy is Magic, and Magic is Energy. The sole difference between the two, is that Magic is Energy in it's harnessed state, when the controller has captured the energy and is in the position to have it do his bidding. Upon weaving of a matrix, the web takes on a vibration of its own. This vibration, a melange of that of the caster's mind and of the Energy threads, capture vital elemental energy. This is what causes a magician's summonings to take on the form of striking Lighting, raging Fire, violent Earthquakes or Water tempests. By modifying one's mind threads before weaving the matrix, it is possible to increase the potential damage of the elemental assault. By performing other modifications during the summoning, it is possible to direct the attack in more than one direction or at more than one target. These skills take many years of practice and training, and even I unfortunately have yet to learn the secrets of most of the Magical procedures involved in performing the more grandiose summonings of the elements.

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