Control and Use of Energy

      Man has always sought and always will seek ways to control that which he cannot quite understand and bend it to his will. Thus the way of the Magician was to study the technique of controlling Energy, or "plucking strings" if you will. This metaphor is more true than not when referring to the initial example of how Energy was described (bundles of threads and strings). To manipulate Energy is to know how to coax the threads into splitting from their bundles and doing your bidding. One is able to do this through concentration and by the use of one's mind. The mind is another mystery, perhaps one I shall write about in due time, yet for now suffice it to say that the mind also has its would-be "threads", and by weaving the threads of one's mind with the threads of Energy, a matrix is produced that allows the user to capture the loose Energy for a moment and do with it as he pleases. All Energy does not serve the same purpose however, such is the effect that the vibrations of the threads have. In order to weave a matrix out of the threads of one's mind and the threads of loose Energy, one must harmonize the vibrations of their mind's threads with that of the Energy they wish to harness. This is a main reason why Magicians are typically limited to one group of energy threads, otherwise called the Wizard's domain. As I had said earlier, my domain is Fire. The vibrations of my mind's threads were already harmonized with those of group Two (the Fire element, which we shall discuss later), and thus I was easily able to manipulate those threads. Rogues are somewhat adept at handling the Sixth group, yet to a very limited extent. Priests are quite able to command the Fifth group of threads, and they do so with grace and prowess. I have even heard word of a Priest who was so masterful of the weaving of matrices that he had successfully woven one out of the Sixth group of threads, considering how alike they are, and was able to devastate an entire onslaught of foes in a single mind blast. Quite a useful talent to have when you are commanding that much power. On I go to now discuss how related Magic and Energy really are.

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