On Wednesday, the 3rd of May, Kru Interactive will be doing an account database purge. At this time we will be removing all inactive accounts from our database. Inactive accounts are any account that has not been active in the last 32 days leading up to the purge date.
This purge will free up any unused character names so that they will be available to other players to use in the future.
When an account is purged all characters on the account will be deleted from our servers, along with any items, abilities, stats and experience the character may have. To avoid the loss of your character you must make sure your account is actively registered some time between April 3rd and the May 3rd.

All registered Aislings will have a random chance to receive a Pet Spider from Areini, the pet store owner. This event will last one week starting today.

For pure bards only.
Cursed Tune 1 - drains 15% of the target's total HP, duration 15 secs, costs 1560 mana.

Cursed Tune 2 - drains 20% of the target's total HP, duration 20 secs, costs 2160 mana.

Cursed Tune 3 - drains 25% of the target's total HP, duration 25 secs, costs 2760 mana.

Cursed Tune 4 - drains 30% of the target's total HP, duration 30 secs, costs 3360 mana.

Cursed Tune 5 - drains 35% of the target's total HP, duration 35 secs, costs 3960 mana.

Instrumental Attack - the leveling has been reduced by 50%.

Regeneration - the recovery rate and the duration has been increased. For example, Regeneration 1 will last 30 seconds healing 250hp/sec for a total 7500 health points.

Mind Hymn - has been changed. It will now drain 10000 mana from the target and give it the caster. It has a 3 minute cooldown.

Mesmerize - its effectiveness has been increased along with the duration

Druid forms will now add damage and health bonuses when activated. The damage bonus applies to specific skills.

Feral - 6% bonus damage, 1000 hp bonus
Wild Feral - 12% bonus damage, 2000 hp bonus
Fierce Feral - 18% bonus damage, 3000 hp bonus
Master Feral - 24% bonus damage, 4000 hp bonus (coming soon)

Karura - 4% bonus damage, 2500 hp bonus
Wile Karura - 7% bonus damage, 4500 hp bonus
Fierce Karura - 10% bonus damage, 6500 hp bonus
Master Karura - 13% bonus damage, 8500 hp bonus (coming soon)

Komodas - 2% bonus damage, 4000 hp bonus
Wild Komodas - 4% bonus damage, 8000 hp bonus
Fierce Komodas - 6% bonus damage, 12000 hp bonus
Master Komodas - 8% bonus damage, 16000 hp bonus (coming soon)

Cold Blood - the heal amount has been increased.

-The ability points from Andor monsters will be doubled. The Ant Queen is still waiting to battle Aislings! 30 new Medenian items(AB 27-35) will be added to Andor.

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