11.16.23November Events

◀Yule Logs▶

As the cold weather descends upon the land, the inns of Temuair are feeling the bitter chill of the frigid winds. The innkeepers need your assistance to gather wood from Mount Giragan to help heat their drafty inns. Perhaps Torbjorn of Suomi can assist you with this deed. He has worked extensively with the woods from neighboring Mount Giragan, and can advise you of the best trees to gather for long burning fires. ((Please visit Torbjorn at Suomi Weapon Shop.))

❁ Repeatable every 24 hours
❁ Legend mark
❁ Double Bonus Exp-Ap
❁ Experience/Ability points (scaled by level)
❁ Up to 9,000,000 Experience
❁ Up to 450,000 Ability


◀Pig Chase▶

Bored with just sitting on his throne, King Bruce has decided to host a pig chasing event in the Lover's Maze Garden.

Any Aisling that can successfully capture a male and female piglet will receive a legend mark, Star Medal, a chance to get one of the following prize:

❁ Ability and Experience Gift 1
❁ Ability and Experience Gift 2
❁ Pig Hairpin
❁ Greater Experience Mushroom
❁ Skill/Spell Leveling Bonus
❁ Greater Ability Rune
❁ Pet Male Pig
❁ Pet Female Pig
❁ Pig Head Costume
❁ Pig Body Costume
❁ LA Raffle(x5)
❁ Piggy Polyp Weapon Skin

**Now repeatable every 1 hour**

((Pig Tokens will be removed after the event is over. Pigs might be more slippery and harder to catch ☺))


◀Oren Ball Event▶

Hear ye, hear ye

Once again King Oren cordially invites ALL Aislings to the Annual Oren Ball!! This event is an open invitation. Bring a date, or come by yourself to a wonderful night of food, drinks, music and dancing. Original formal clothing will be provided by the lovely Ertha prior to the start of the event.

-Jay, Loures Court Jester

Location: Oren Island City (51,36)


◀Deos Scavenger Hunt▶

* New Legend Mark
* Additional Prize added to current prize upon completion (e.g., if you receive a Ball Crown, you will also receive the additional Prize)


◀Capture the Fowl▶

Visit ColiseumTir (Coliseum Entrance) to enter this event.

Capture the Fowl Prizes:
❁ Up to 25 Million Experience
❁ Up to 600K Ability Points
❁ Light Necklace Raffles

((Fowls might be harder to catch ☺))


◀Eulogy Ability Points▶

For the Eulogy, Medenia class Aislings will receive ability points in addition to the standard experience points when performing the Eulogy. The amount of points, like experience, will be based on the amount of Eulogies the Aisling has performed with one specific priest of the Trinity.

01x 150,000 exp & 100,000 ability points (1st time performing Eulogy)
02x 450,000 exp & 200,000 ability points
03x 900,000 exp & 300,000 ability points
04x 1,800,000 exp & 450,000 ability points
05x 2,700,000 exp & 600,000 ability points
06x 3,600,000 exp & 750,000 ability points
07x 4,500,000 exp & 900,000 ability points
08x 5,400,000 exp & 1,500,000 ability points
09x 7,200,000 exp & 2,000,000 ability points
10x 9,900,000 exp & 3,500,000 ability points
11x 11,700,000 exp & 5,000,000 ability points
12x 13,500,000 exp & 6,500,000 ability points
13x 14,400,000 exp & 8,000,000 ability points
14x 16,200,000 exp & 9,500,000 ability points
15x+ 20,700,000 exp & 12,500,000 ability points *NEW*

((The Ability bonus works by checking how many times you performed the Eulogy on the same NPC, not by checking how many times you performed the Eulogy all together.))


((All Events will start on November 17th and End November 30th))