11.15.23Eulogy: Relic

Eulogy: Relic

Jean, who provided lore of Mehadi Flowers during The Pact, tells knowledge about the relics of each the cultures' religion, from rough translations:

The Grimlok of Pravat reveal:

Adranuch worked the earth. At this special moment, She crafted the earth and imbued it with power. This She gave to us. At our eulogy, we praise Her craftsmanship of such wondrous material. At our eulogy, a cross made from Her power will appear to each devotee.

The Kobolds of Astrid reveal:

Arpina performed the rite which united the eight gods of man. She drew the ancient octagram, and unlocked its power. At our eulogy, we praise Her ritual. At our eulogy, a small ritual octagram with Arpina's locked power will appear to each devotee.

The Mukul of Mehadi reveal:

Matrika held the secrets within Her heart. She sacrificed Herself to give blood of heart to the beauty of the land. At our eulogy, we praise Her heart that bled for us. At our eulogy, a red rose will swell with Her heart's blood for each devotee.

In each case, such relics will not be seen again for eight years. In concert with other secrets Her power may be unlocked at a Rite within the next few years.


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