11.15.23Deoch 200th Anniversary

◀▶Deoch 200◀▶

Dark Ages is proud to announce its Deoch 200th Anniversary. To celebrate this milestone, we have prepared special events in addition to our regular monthly events. Please visit Francis near Loures Castle to claim your anniversary rewards.


◀▶Additional events◀▶

November 23-26
❁ Double Experience & Ability

November 23-30
❁ Chadul Army Invasion
❁ Low Tides ((Jarrow will not be present))


◀▶Ability 99◀▶

We have also increased the Ability limit to 99 and introduced new Weapons, Skills and Spells to match it. (Starts 11/17)


Thank you so much for all your support and dedication to Dark Ages.

Dark Ages Team