11.12.23Eulogy: Trinity

Eulogy: Trinity

Jean, who provided lore of Mehadi Flowers during The Pact, confirms speculations on the stars and the number of years:

Our beloved poet of Undine relates something that has captivated my attention for some time: the cycle of time, rotations of stars that bring this ceremony into the heart of a great alignment. It is the 180th anniversary of That Moment. Just as every god transforms into the next through the affair of the heart, the day of the week transforms into the next God. Just as the first day of the week begins with Deoch's holy day, the first year of the new epoch began with Deoch, and so on. This year, then, is the last of that eight-year cycle: the 180th year, the Year of Sgrios.

It begins to make forbidden coherence when viewed thus. Danaan sacrificed herself in what would become to be known as the Year of Sgrios. Her sacrifice for the light caused the first year of Deoch.

Turbulent events have consumed Temuair in the past: In the 8th year, the Year of Ceannlaidir, The Sacrifice of Caroun began a strife that still continues to this day, and the dreadful Pact, whose secrets are still a mystery, ended the same year. During the 7th Year, that of Fiosachd, The Entreaty and the fight over a material artifact began.

I cannot believe that these events are unconnected. The connection is grave. Whatever connection lies between something's search for an ancient Aosdan artifact, something's desire to sacrifice a pure soul at the largest magical hexagram in Temuair, and something's desire for a source of immortality, is grave indeed. Powers within Loures have worked feverishly to erase all knowledge of these events, yet echoes of the past are still bouncing. Even now, on the 180th year, something's search continues and its desires are close at hand.

Take heed, Aislings, the truth is there for those that wish to seek it…lest they become one like Cyril.

Councilor of Loures