10.16.23October Halloween Events

◀▶Candy Treats◀▶

Can you help out Frida in Abel Tavern?

Prizes include:
Legend Mark
HP/MP stat increase
Lumen Amulet Raffle
Rare Costume Raffle
Blue Tinted Spectacles


◀▶Mummy Attack◀▶

Speak to the Haunted Oak Tree to enter this Halloween Event. Items won't break on death or won't perish on death in this map. Registered characters and insight 1-98 can participate.

Prizes include:
Rare Costume Raffle
Oak Staff Replica Raffle
Mummy Buddy
Witch's Broom
Macabre Box
Up to 90K EXP

((Event updated to be more low insight friendly, easier to receive prizes))


◀▶Pet Ghost◀▶

"Speak to the one who resurrects the dead. Only he can tame this undead spectre."


◀▶Zombie Apocalypse◀▶

Rumor has it that several zombies escaped from the "Zombie Slayer Event" and are wreaking havoc in the lands of Temuair. Ask Dislaidir if the zombies escaped and how to prevent a zombie outbreak.


◀▶Beggar's Outfit◀▶

Please speak to any beggars in Temuair for details. Prizes for this event are Experience points, Ability Points, Legend Mark and a rare item. Registered characters and insight 11 and up can participate.


◀▶The Horseman◀▶

"He appears randomly from town to town searching his head. If you dare attack him, he will hurl at you the face of a demon.


◀▶The Red Moon◀▶

"The Red Moon has come to haunt the lands of Temuair. Many Deochs ago, a demon sorcerer was vanquished from Temuair. Before his defeat, the sorcerer placed a curse on the lands, the curse of the Red Moon. The Mundanes were worried at first, but after many Deochs, a red moon never appeared. It was assumed that there was no curse and no one ever spoke of it again. But 40 Deochs ago, a full red moon hovered the sky above Temuair and it returns again. Legend has it, those who stare at the moon will succumb to its power."


◀▶The Count and Countess of Macabre◀▶

"The Count and Countess of Macabre have come to Temuair. They are a dangerous and evil couple. The Count is an emotional monster with an affinity towards bats. The Countess is a deceptively beautiful monster, but in the right light you will see her true nature. They will leave a path of death and destruction if they are not dealt with. The Mundanes ask all Aislings to help rid this evil pair from our land." Items won't break on death or won't perish on death in this map.

The following items will be attainable through this event:
Macabre Battle Armor
Macabre Battle Helm
Macabre Shadow Cloak (male only)
Macabre Shadow Sheath (female only)
Blue Shadow Hair (male only)
Red Shadow Hair (female only)
Macabre Hexed Robes (male only)
Macabre Hexed Dress (female only)
Macabre Hexed Hat
Macabre Virtue Coat (male only)
Macabre Virtue Blouse (female only)
Virtue Hood (male only)
Virtue Cap (female only)
Macabre Divine Robe (male only)
Macabre Divine Gown (female only)
Macabre Holy Hat (male only)
Macabre Bewitched Hat (female only)
Swamp Witch Pet
Undead Hand
Fiend Mask
Abomination Mask
Spectre Mask
Dubhaim Helm
Pumpkin Costume
Pumpkin Cap
Pumpkin Slippers
Macabre Shoes
Ability and Experience Box 1 ((Contains: 5000000-20000000 EXP & 50000-300000 AP))
Ability and Experience Box 2 ((Contains: 10000000-40000000 EXP & 100000-600000 AP))
LA Raffle(x5)
Double Bonus Exp-Ap
Rare Costume Raffle
Oak Staff Replica Raffle
Macabre Box
Up to 50mill EXP / 150k AP

RARE Prizes
Pet Boney Dragon
Count's Crawlers (AB 95)
Spooky Spectre Boots (AB 95)

((Macabre items are no longer class based. For example: a Warrior can wear a Priest outfit.))
((Event updated to be a little more challenging, easier to receive certain prizes depending on # of attack/kill contribution))


◀▶Zombie Slayer Event◀▶

The grave yards of Macabre seem to be over run with zombies as of late. To help clean up the mess we are hosting this event. Are you and your group ready to participate in Zombie Slayer? Speak with "Dislaidir" at Road to House Macabre once the event has started. You will receive a spell called Zombie Defender, a Zombie that will help you attack other monsters. Items won't break on death or won't perish on death in this map.


◀▶Try To Scare Me◀▶

Try to come up with the scariest outfit to scare Sennaan. You will be rewarded once you scared him.

((The outfit combination has been updated for 2023, the combination you used last year might scare him this year!))

NEW Prize
Warranty Bag
World Shout(x20)
Equipment Repair
Tiered Experience points (by insight)


◀▶Item Shop◀▶

Halloween Itemshop is now available!


All the Halloween events will begin on October 17th (after the morning server reset) and will end after Halloween, November 1st