07.13.23July Events

◀Arena Boss Event▶

Popular GM characters will spawn in PvP Arena.

The NEW GM Syntax will also show up during this event!

* Arena Bosses AI's updated
* Arena Bosses will spawn randomly in Balanced Arena
* Boss will give: Prizes & Experience and Ability Points from Boss Kills

Balanced Arena ((PVP turned OFF))

Start Date: July 14th
End Date: July 28th


◀Empower Lannair Amulet▶

Paidira is now available to empower your Lannair Amulet for a limited time. If you're interested, visit the Shrine of Danaan for more information about 'Holy Danaan'.


◀Battle Royal 4v4 PVP Event▶

Are you bored or craving for some fun event in month of July? Come join us and test your PVP skill with a team of 4, climb to the top by defeating the opposite team members and exclusive prizes/legend marks to be won!

Seek out more information on the rules and regulations in game, see you there!

Time: ( Saturday 22nd July, 9:30PM EST/6:30pm PST )
Location: Balanced Arena
Event host: Acesin/Lycans