02.11.23February Events

◀Make A Wish▶

Naomhan in Mileth Church is asking for your wish. Will you help him? Will you make the right decision?

((This event is open to all registered players insight 20+))


◀Valentine's Gift▶

Aidan & Nadia will be at the Loures Castle location giving away Valentine's Gifts to all registered players. The Valentine's Gift given will is tradeable, but once you open it, the contents inside will be bonded to your character.

**The "VDay Bonus Exp-Ap" will give players 1 hour of DOUBLE exp/ap rate gained through monster kills, quest rewards, etc.**

**Insight 99 is required to accept the gift**

((This event is open to all registered players.))


◀Heart Puppet▶

Please visit Viveka located in Suomi Tavern for more information.


◀Divine Love Ring▶

Please find the Faerie Princess in Shinewood Forest 11 for more information.


◀A Lovely Evening▶

Please visit Meaveen located in Shrine of Glioca - Mileth for more information.


◀Valentine's Itemshop▶

Already available in the itemshop! (located in EVENTS section)


((February Events will start on February 10 and end on February 24))