08.22.22Chadul Army Invasion

◀▶Chadul Army Invasion◀▶

Aislings, the time is near.

The Order of Druids have sent brothers into the depths of the cursed realm of Chadul himself. There, it was discovered a plot by the god of Chaos to invade the lands of Temuair. He is rallying an army of dark Aislings, and he had his dubhaimd agents assist with recreating several villages for training. Please, for the sake of the innocent and infirm, take the hidden path within the depths of Chadul's Realm to cut down his soldiers and forestall the invasion. We may not have much time before the war against the darkness begins anew.

Sentinel of the Eastern Woodlands

Completion of this repeatable event includes:
Chadul Prize Box - EXP/AP Box or Experience Box
Chadul Relic - rare item - each class will get something different
Legend Mark
Experience and Ability Points upon successful kill of each boss battle

Event Start: August 22nd
Event End: August 30th