03.30.22Suomi Troupe: Spring Festival

Suomi Troupe presents: Spring Festival

The season of rebirth and rejuvination is finally upon us! Got a case of spring fever? Let the Suomi Troupe indulge your seasonal excitement with a festival full of adventure, prizes, mead and more!

The Suomi Troupe


◀ Spring Festival▶

(( The events will be held on April 2 and 3, 2022.

Schedule of Events:

Saturday April 2
Opening Ceremony - Cail Temple - 12:30pm PST / 3:30pm EST
Scavenger Hunt - Garamonde Theatre in Suomi - 1pm PST / 4 pm EST
Zen Garden - Wastelands - 3pm PST / 6pm EST
Pet Race Tournament - Loures Soccer Field - 6pm PST / 9pm EST

Sunday April 3
Mass Glading - Lover's Glade - 12pm PST / 3pm EST
Botany Trivia - Garamonde Theatre in Suomi - 1pm PST / 4PM EST
Closing Ceremony - Luathas Temple - 5pm PST / 8pm EST ))


◀ Opening Ceremony▶

Join us at the Shrine of Cail for our opening ceremony!


◀ Scavenger Hunt▶

Longing for adventure? You won't want to miss our grand opening event -- an immersive scavenger hunt!
Join us at the Garamonde Theatre in Suomi.


◀ Zen Garden▶

Show off your creativity in this improv art competition! Participants will place an arrangement of nature-themed materials on the ground to create their very own zen garden.
Psst -- want an advantage? Before the event, search far and wide to collect your supplies!
Join us at the Wastelands in the Eastern Woodlands.


◀ Pet Race Tournament▶

A community favorite! Be the first to guide your summonable pet through a meandering maze, avoiding as many collisions as possible. The higher you finish, the better the prize!
Location: Loures Soccer Field.


◀ Mass Glading▶

You are cordially invited to partake in the Suomi Troupe's Mass Love Glading Event, officiated by priest Claiss. One lucky couple will win a dream wedding arranged by the Suomi Troupe.
Grab your lover and join in for a chance to this unique prize!
Location: the Lover's Glade in the Enchanted Garden


◀ Botany Trivia▶

Time to brush up on your knowledge of botany! In this trivia event, questions will cover culturally significant lore related to plants in Temuair and Medenia. Aislings will win gifts in the order of the points they receive. The winner will be declared Temuair's botanist!
Location: the Garamonde Theatre in Suomi.


◀ Closing Ceremony▶

Join us at the Shrine of Luathas for our closing ceremony!