01.26.22Baron of Temuair Competition

Come one come all, brave men of Temuair, and welcome to the Baron of Temuair Competition! Test your mettle against the greatest Aislings from across all the lands as you compete in events that will judge your Intellect, Skill, Combat Prowess, and Creativity. Will you be able to stand out above all others to become the undisputed Baron of Temuair?

Presented by the Mileth College, Coliseum Arena, and Suomi Troupe, the Baron of Temuair event will push all competitors to the limits through five preliminary events to determine who is the ‘King’ of each Township. Those left standing will compete in four final events to determine who will be crowned Baron of Temuair.

((This competition is for Male characters as the previous Banrion of Temuair event was for Female characters.))


◀Schedule of Events:▶


Friday – Jan 28, 2022
Rucesion – Trivia – Luathas Temple – 7pm PST, 10pm EST

Saturday – Jan 29, 2022
Loures – Combat – Coliseum Arena – 3pm PST, 6pm EST
Oren – Scavenger Hunt – Oren Ball Room – 5pm PST, 8pm EST

Sunday – Jan 30, 2022
Mileth – Guest Lectures – Mileth College – 3pm PST, 6pm EST
Suomi – Improv – Suomi Theatre – 5pm PST, 8pm EST


Saturday, Feb 5, 2022
Skill – Jousting – Mileth Fairgrounds – 3pm PST, 6pm EST
Intellect – Essays – Mileth Fairgrounds – 5pm PST, 8pm EST

Sunday, Feb 6, 2022
Creativity – Township Art – Loures Soccer Field – 3pm PST, 6pm EST
Combat – Team Match – Coliseum Arena – 5pm PST, 8pm EST


◀Preliminary Events:▶


Rucesion is renowned as the city of magic. The wizards of Rucesion played a pivotal role in the fight against darkness during the Shadows War, researching tirelessly to keep the encroaching darkness at bay. The pursuit of knowledge led to the discovery of a sixth element: Light. Knowledge has also been instrumental in enabling Aislings to realize their full potential and understand the natural world.

In this event, competitors will participate in a trivia match to determine who among them is worthy to represent the town of Rucesion. Come join us in the temple of Luathas for this event.


You brought your wisdom to bear at Luathas Temple, now you must bring your blades and staves to the Coliseum. There are no friends in this Free For All Deathmatch extraordinaire, there is only a Champion. Fight your way through a horde of opponents to be crowned the King of Loures, but be on guard as you strike down your foes as the winner of this event shall be judged on the best Kill to Death ratio. This event will be held at the Coliseum Arena in a Hosted Battle.


Arrr mateys, grab ye hooks, peg legs, and treasure maps as ye compete to solve riddles to see if ye shall be named King of this here Island of Oren, or if ye shall walk the plank. Abandon all hope lest ye perish in yer attempts to discover if X really marks the spot. This event will begin at the Oren Ballroom.


Mileth Village -- the hometown for newly sparked Aislings. Mileth is traditionally renowned for mentorship, guidance and education for young and aspiring Aislings. The town represents growth and development. Aislings revisit the Altar and Temple of Choosing at different milestones throughout their journey, from choosing a class, to mastering their path, to crafting items of great ability.

Think back to when your very first sibling sparked in Mileth. Did they ever tell you about that first mentor who took them under their wing? How they inspired your family to join the community of Temuair? Be that mentor! In the spirit of Mileth, contestants must hold a brief lesson ((10 minutes)) with a ((5 minute)) audience question period, in one of the five College subjects: Lore, Philosophy, Literature, Art, or History. The class can consist of a lecture and/or activity.

Choose a topic about which you are knowledgeable. Prepare a lesson plan. Be creative and inspiring! Invoke worldly themes ((themes relevant to Dark Ages)). Communicate your lesson effectively. A panel of judges will assign points based on the quality of your teaching skills. Event will be held at the Philosophy Classroom in Mileth College.


Show your creativity and wit on stage to prove your mind is as sharp as your blade as you improvise scenarios given by the Troupe. Bring a flair for the dramatic as you compete against your opponents and stretch the limits of credulity as you make our judges laugh, cry, and cheer. Event will be held at the Suomi Garamonde Theatre.


◀Final Events:▶


Do you have the jousting skills to be one of King Bruce's top knights? Face off against the other finalists in a round robin jousting tournament to determine the Champion! Participants will sprint to their designated spot and repeat a phrase exactly as described in order to score a point. There will be three phrases per round, and one point per phrase. Score the most points to prove your worthiness! The joust will be held at the Mileth Fairgrounds.


The intellectual competition is divided into two parts. First, contestants are allotted 16 suns ((two days)) to write a short essay on any of the prompts that will be provided on ((Wednesday February 2, 2022)). Please submit your essays to aisling Laurier by ((9am PST, 12pm EST Friday February 4, 2022)). The panel of judges will then grade the essays. For the second part, contestants must attend an event in which they answer questions related to their essays from the panel of judges. The second part will take place on stage at the Mileth Fairground.

This event measures the contestant's ability to formulate a convincing, thoughtful essay on a topic of interest to Temuair and defend their position before a panel of judges.


Look deep into your soul for your creative spark as you create an artful representation of the township you are representing. Competitors will have a ((5x5 square)) area to decorate with aesthetically pleasing items representing the township for which they are the Champion. Pieces will be judged on aesthetics and relevance to their township. The Creativity competition shall be held at the Loures Soccer Field.


You have proven your worth as a lone wolf, but a true Baron of Temuair must also be a leader. Take your team into battle in 3 v 3 matches where you must use tactics, cunning, and guile to be crowned the true Champion. Brute force alone will not win you this event. Each competitor must come prepared with a team comprised of themselves and two others. Lead your team to victory in the final event of the Baron of Temuair competition. Leave it all on the arena floor. This event will be held at the Coliseum Arena in a Hosted Battle.