12.13.21Winter Solstice Festival

*Shivers* Brrr! It’s that season again Aislings. Mount Merry is open and a chill is in the air. The Winter Solstice is upon us and it is time to rejoice! The Suomi Troupe invites you for to join us as we celebrate the season with Games, Events, Classes, Monsters, Erbies, and Prizes galore. Spread joy and good cheer with friends and family and be ready for a few surprises.

The Suomi Troupe


◀Winter Solstice Festival▶


The events will be held December 17th, 2021 to December 19th:

Schedule of Events:

Friday Dec 12/17
Etiquette Class - Mileth College - 6 pm PST/ 9 pm EST - Mileth College
Solstice Ball and Heraldic Costume Contest - Oren Ball Room - 7 pm PST / 10 pm PST

Saturday Dec 12/18
Secret Erbie Community Gift Exchange - Loures Soccer Field - 2 pm PST / 5 pm EST
Charades - Suomi Theatre - 4 pm PST / 7 pm EST
History of Loures-Undine Tension - Mileth College - 6:30 pm PST / 9:30 pm EST
Last Decree of Lord Undine - Begins at Mileth College - 7 pm PST / 10 pm EST

Sunday Dec 12/19
Town Recruitment Faire - Lynith Beach - 2 pm PST/5 pm EST
Erbie Egg Rescue - Suomi Armorsmith - 5 pm PST/8 pm EST


((Prizes will include Gold Bars, Reg and Kruna Codes, Legend Marks, Chests and Bags, and more))


◀Etiquette Class▶
Do you often speak in strange tongues and in languages from lands of your dreams? Come learn etiquette in preparation for the Solstice Ball, so you can look and act your best around King Bruce’s finest. ((This is an introductory class on how to roleplay to help teach people about roleplaying in Dark Ages))


◀Solstice Ball▶
Hear Ye! Hear Ye! The Suomi Troupe requests the honor of your presence at the Solstice Ball held in honor of King Bruce of Loures and by the gracious accommodation of King Oren. Please join the Lords and Ladies of the Court in the Oren Ballroom for an evening of refined diversions, festivities, feasting and fashion!


◀Heraldic Costume Contest▶
Dust off your finest frocks and fanciful fittings! Come show off the heraldic colors of your nation before the judges in a competition of pomp and livery. Aislings may represent any city of their choice, be it their Mundane birthplace, current citizenship or otherwise. The contest is open to your interpretation of your city’s heraldry but might include, for example, common dyes or themes found in that area.

There will be two judging categories: Local Fashion Only. Craft a look inspired by your nation using only clothing and armor found within Temuair and Medenia. Support local tailors by having your armor dyed in town! ((Only things that can be found in-game. No kruna shop items or accessories with the exception of permanent alterations such as skin color and hair dye))

High Fashion. Fresh out of the fashion plates from overseas this look should utilize only the most exotic textiles. ((Kruna shop items and accessories permitted in addition to regular in-game items))

Questions regarding qualifying for the contest, or help with dyeing armor can be directed to any of the following: Theowin, SirNair, Snooze, or Claiss.


Let’s play Charades! Come gather at the Garamonde Theatre where the Suomi Troupe will take turns acting like one of our everyday Mundanes, and the audience will call out guesses to which Mundane they are imitating! Prizes, laughs, and fun all around.


◀History of the Loures – Undine Tension▶
Learn about the long, dark, and bloody history of tensions between Loures and Undine. Aisling chatter has reached a fevered pitch of late, and one wonders how much longer the peace will hold.


◀Last Decree of Lord Undine▶
Nearly five hundred years ago, the last Lord of Undine signed a treaty annexing Undine to Loures – or did he? Bring your friends and gather your courage as you join the search to unearth the Last Decree of Lord Undine, and you best be prepared for the long reaching consequences.


◀Town Recruitment Faire▶
Have you found yourself wandering listless about your nation wondering just what it was that drew you there in the first place? Come to the Town Recruitment Faire and learn about what each town has to offer and participate in a Q&A after.


◀Erbie Egg Rescue▶
Aislings please, we need your assistance! A herd of Erbies accidentally found their way into the dyes of the Suomi Tailor, Valdemar. As a result, all of the eggs being laid by the Erbies have turned fantastic colors! Because of this the mothers are unable to recognize their eggs and have left them scattered across Temuair. Please help us recover them so we can re-unite them with their families before they hatch! I fear some of the eggs may have been taken by some dangerous creatures.

((This event will have a timed portion at the beginning with a secret second portion of the event. It is advised that all at the second part of the event from groups and bring warranty bags to combat the challenges ahead of them together.))