08.10.21The Entreaty: Aftermath and Fallout

The Entreaty: Aftermath and Fallout

The Mileth Librarian and the Kingdom addresses the events of the Entreaty: Aftermath

Praise Aislingkind. With the aid of hundreds of Aislings, it appears that the entrance to the Dark College has been temporarily sealed. Countless mundanes continue to be abducted from towns, and Temuair darkens with every passing sun. Yet, I still hope.

There is clear evidence that the integrity of the current College may have been compromised, and is no longer safe. I will be closely working with our esteemed teachers to determine a safer haven for the Arts.

Librarian of Mileth
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The Council of Loures is dismayed that these mutants known as 'Aislings' continue to interfere and collude with other miscreants and lepers of Temuair. There is simply no evidence of any abduction, and continued heresay will be severely punished by the Kingdom. Let the word of King Bruce be heard throughout the land.

Knight Captain of Loures