08.05.21Celebration of Gnosis

Suomi Troupe Presents: Celebration of Gnosis

Gnosis is a common bond between us that created the sense of camaraderie amongst Aislings. The stories of battle, lore and poems we weaved around the fires at night sustained this land and dispelled the encroaching darkness. But Temuair grows darker with each passing cycle. Now it falls to those of us that remain to carry on the tradition of our predecessors.

Please, join us. Together we will stoke the fire that lights the darkness.

(( This is a Suomi Troupe event that will be held on 7th August and 8th August 2021. All players are highly encouraged to be on their best roleplaying behavior. Show your personality! Tell us about your character and their backstory! ))

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Laurier's Loopy Lore Learnings
(( 7th August 2021 ))

Aisling Laurier O'Cathain is back to test the brightest minds in Temuair. Questions will attempt to cover a wide range of lore in the world - some will be easy, some will be archaic - all meant to truly test your Knowledge. Aislings will win gifts in the order of the points they receive!

Join us at the Mileth College Philosophy Classroom

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Raucous Racing with Kairri
(( 7th August 2021 ))

Aisling Kairri D'Taut challenges you to put your knowledge into action. Bring your swiftest minions in a race of alacrity and skill in a specially-designed maze, crafted by Kairri herself! Will your minions triumph over those of your peers? Or will they perish in a frazzled frenzy?

Join us in the Loures Soccer Field

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Ailing Ailred's Casino Royale
(( 8th August 2021 ))

Aisling Ailred's Casino is about to go bankrupt, and he invites all Aislings for a final hurrah in an attempt to swindle them into making money for his failing casino. Aislings will pay a fee in order for a chance to win some of the land's most finest treasures! Put your logic to the test!

Location TBD

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Merisa's Musings: Tales of the Tuatha
(( 8th August 2021 ))

Tales of the Tuatha (Tales of the People, in the common tongue) is a gathering of like minded Aislings sharing their creativity with one another; telling stories, reading poems, and singing songs inspired by our time in Temuair. Everyone is welcome to attend even if simply to listen. Each person willing will be given a maximum of ten minutes to tell a tale. The best ones will win a small prize. It is Merisa's fervent hope that you will find something to inspire you for your very own current tales, to inspire the Aislings of tomorrow. Your legend starts here!

Join us in the Eastern Woodlands

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Suomi Culture Advocates and helpers will be at events to help facilitate. Please feel free to reach out to them.

((Events will be held on Saturday 7th August & Sunday 8th August 2021. Please be on your best behavior!))

With zany zest and joy,
-The Suomi Troupe