07.21.21Coliseum Arena’s Summer 3v3 Tournament

Coliseum Arena’s Summer 3v3 Tournament

Greetings Aislings!
Four Deochs have passed since the Arena Team has held its last 3v3 tournament. Amidst the excitement of the last tournament, a small group of officials in Mileth attempted to plant the seeds of sovereignty in the lands of Temuair. This endeavour did not transpire without drawing the attention of the Mundanes. Loures demands blood be shed in her arena to remind us all of our fragility and the futility of aspirations of independence.

Do you wish to prove your worth and display the skill that allowed you to rise from peasantry? Will a faction within the combatants squelsh any doubts of their power through victory? Do you believe an Aisling’s Spark can allow ascension beyond the toil of a peasant’s mundane life? Could you aspire to no longer be crushed by the thumb of the knights of Loures?

Prove it. Show your worth in this tournament and strike fear into the hearts of your oppressors! Some of you may die, yes - well, most of you, in fact - but surely a violent death is a small price to pay for a shot at glory! Win the day and claim not only victory for your team, but evidence of your heroism for all to see: a rare and highly coveted belt of champions. Challengers, glory awaits!

Teams of three, come forth
Test your mettle in combat
Become champions

Glioca be with you,
Arena Host, Mileth Politician, Undine Supporter

P.S. - Naturally, as I am hosting the event, I myself will not be allowed to compete. Yes, I am saddened by this, as I would gladly risk my spark for a chance to make such a noble statement on our field of honor, but trust that were I not prohibited by our rulers, I would stand beside you.

-~*~- -~*~- -~*~- -~*~- -~*~- -~*~- -~*~- -~*~- -~*~- -~*~-

Tournament Information

Battles will be held in a bo3 format and the final battle will be bo5. Contact Tournament Host Rakada to enter.

Format: Double Elimination Bracket
Date: Saturday, July 31st
Time: 4 PM PDT / 5 PM MST / 6 PM CDT / 7 PM EDT
Location: Balanced Arena

Tournament Rules
Prohibited: Fas, Hide Trinket, HoF, Shields, Full Inventory, Prayers, Mass Items, and Comlhas.
Team Limitations: Each team may have up to two pramhs and one caster (bard/summoner)
Combatants: Must be ready when your match is called. If you can not enter the ring in a timely manner, your team may choose to compete without you or take a loss for the match.
Spectators: All are welcome to attend. There will be a zero-tolerance policy for interference. If you interfere with a match, or cause a disruption that delays the start of a match, you will be removed without warning and not allowed to attend the remainder of the tournament.

1st: Champion Belt + Legend Mark + AB95 Set + Baem Bracer Pair or DGG Pair + Chadul Relic + 500m Gold
2nd: Legend Mark + Baem Bracer Pair or DGG Pair + Chadul Relic + 200m Gold
3rd: Legend Mark + Chadul Relic + 150m Gold
All Combatants: Satchel of Goods, Vday Bonus Exp-AP(x5)