03.30.21Zozma Versatility Challenge

Zozma Versatility Challenge

Salutations Aislings! Do you hear it? The call to battle? Do you yearn for the thrill of competition and to prove yourself the mightiest of all aislings? Do you dream of the sand of the arena under your feet whenever you find yourself somewhere else. If so, then I will see you at the Zozma Versatility Challenge.

Aislings interested in competing are able to sign up as a single caster or a single basher. Hybrids are welcome but must pick a lane. During the competition each basher and each caster combination will team up and be tested against each other basher and casters. Going through the full rotation until each basher and each caster are paired together and compete in a match.

The event will be broken into two parts/evenings.

Night 1: Saturday April 3rd
Competitors will be teamed up and go through the full rotation of competitors. Each match will be 1 round, with a point awarded per win. At the end of the evening a percent of the top point earners will move on to evening two, the finals.

Night 2: Sunday April 4th
Those who make it through the preliminaries will once again team up and go through the rotation for 2 round matches. At the end of this final evening, whichever basher and caster finish with the most points will have completed Zozma's Versatility Challenge and be named the most Versatile Basher and the Most Versatile Caster.

Prizes: Prizes are for each basher and each caster at that tier.
1st: Legend Mark, Ab 95 Armor, 500m
2nd: Chadul Relic, 300m
3rd: 5x Host Bags, 200m

((Sign up by mailing Zozma in game, or through discord in Drunk Deoch))