02.12.21Danaan Consecration

Impressed and inspired by Aisling valor in battling unspeakable horrors and the maddened visage of Empress Ealagad in the depths of Blackstar Crypt, mundanes have restored the temple in homage to Goddess Danaan. Mundane Acolyte Paidira has taken up residence in the temple. She hopes the reinvigorated Danaan worship, originally instituted by Emperor Ainmael and Empress Ealagad herself in this very town, will serve as a bastion of light against the crazed warrior-empress and her minions. Aoife, mundane in the Temple of Choosing, has uncovered a fragment of a scroll telling of a legendary necklace rumored to be last seen in the Shadows War. She implores Aislings to keep this secret from Loures. Speak to her to learn more.