12.13.20Holiday Havoc

The Arena Team is decking the halls with Holiday Havoc

The Merriest of Mayhem awaits all aislings who dare enter this Winter Warzone

Join us on December 23rd for two holiday themed arena matches.

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Santa Smackdown

Santa Claus, tired of all the ungrateful Aislings, decided to take the day off at Lynith Beach. In his absence he left his stash of gifts with Setites and Eternalty. These part time Santas will be divvying up gifts to any aislings who manage to beat them. Will the aislings save Christmas, or will this grinch and elf on a shelf prove to be too festively formable?

Overview and Rules
This event will be in hosted Balanced Arena. Aisling combatants will be balanced with no belt/armor against Setites and Eternalty, who will be unbalanced and geared. Competitors will remove armor/belt and no mic/ioc/mdc/fas/prayers/prahm/throwouts will be allowed.

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Santa Sleigh Chase
10pm EST, 7PM PST

Hosta Claus has loaded his sleigh with gifts and is working his way through the arena maze to get to the pawn shop to unload them for some quick gold for extonics. It falls to any festive aisling to stop that sleigh and save Christmas.

The arena will be turned into an obstacle course and it will be up to a team of Aislings to stop Hosta Claus from leaving the arena, by defeating or preventing him from leaving in the time limit. This event will be 1 hour long.

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Both event matches will have their fair share of prizes.
Legend marks will be given out as well which will vary depending on the outcome of the events.

Please reach out to the host team with any questions.