12.14.20Winter Solstice Academic Fair

The Winter Solstice is upon us once again.

To celebrate this season of giving, the Suomi Troupe in collaboration with the Mileth College, will bring a special set of lectures to the Mileth College for every Aisling to enjoy. We are proud to present classes in every academic category to teach students about everything related to this wonderful season.

Every class attended on this special day will be awarded with Daily Quest tokens and Exp from Uistean of Mileth Library. Other prizes may await those who participate as well.

Everyone attending is expected to be on their best behavior!

Welcome to Mileth College!

((This is a Suomi Troupe event that will be held on 19 December between 12-18 EST . On this day, students will only have to wait one hour (opposed to twenty four) to reclaim their attendance credit. Attend as many classes as you can!))