11.02.20Mileth College Portmanteaus

In response to the recent enhancements to the Mileth College, mundanes have further procured exotic treasures from Temuair and Medenia. These treasures have been curated and placed into packages known as Mileth College Portmanteaus. Should it be wished by the Aisling, the Portmanteau also blesses the Aisling with great wealth and insight. These treasures reflect continued efforts to reward Aisling creativity and imagination, and are currently administrated by College Chancellors at their discretion.

Meanwhile, Celesta of Pravat Cave believes that treasure should not be limited to only the 'imaginative', and eyes ways to procure those treasures for her own purposes.

The Mileth College Portmanteau contains the opportunity to procure one of the following treasures:

* 10 Red Extonic
* 10 Hwarone Weapon Upgrade Plan
* 10 Hwarone Helmet Upgrade Plan
* 10 Hwarone Armor Upgrade Plan
* 10 Veltain Ore
* 2 Andor Queen's Chest
* 2 Satchel of Goods
* 1 Experience Gem
* 2 Water Dungeon Chest
* 1 Dragons Grip Gauntlets
* 1 Black Pearl Ring

Aislings also have the opportunity to open the Portmanteaus for between 1,000,000 to 5,000,000 gold pieces.

(( Experience and Ability --
* Ability Points from 100,000 to 300,000
* Experience Points from 150,000,000 to 300,000,000

(( Currently, the Mileth College Portmanteau is only obtainable from College Chancellors, who will hand out these bags to reward roleplay efforts. Plans are being made to make those bags more available on a wider scale. Thank you for your continued support of culture and roleplay! This update (prizes) will take effect after Tuesday morning reset.))