10.30.20Mileth College Enhancements

Because Contests have not been held in their traditional form in multiple cycles, active Contest Hosts will henceforth be known as College Chancellors. College Chancellors have been given tools to promote and administrate the College in different ways.

For more detailed information, attend a class. Brief information will also be posted on the "Events of Temuair" board in due time by a College Chancellor.

Mundane Uistean of Mileth Library continues to request that teachers post their class times and descriptions upon the grey slate outside of Mileth Library. Uistean believes that teachers who take this initiative display their dedication to The Arts, to their fellow Aislings, to their students' education, and that it allows teachers to coordinate their classes. He continues to be eager to learn what classes the Aisling teachers will offer. The mundanes continue to gossip about the more prolific teachers and disciplined students in Temuair.

Meanwhile, whispers continue to swirl around these movements smacking of typical Louresian deception to further curtail the independence of the College. Loures continues to remain silent on these rumors.