10.14.19Suomi Troupe - Weekend Events

The Red Moon Festival III

That time of year where strange happenings occur in Temuair again, join The Suomi Troupe as we plan to make this a memorable time of the year.

Immerse yourselves in spooky lore, strange happenings, murder and mayhem galore. Join us on a fun filled journey as we explore the darker side of Temuair.

((Sat and Sun 26th and 27th Oct 2019, be there or be square!))

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Gore and Horror Trivia Class
(( Sat 26th Oct 11am PST/12 MST/1pm CST/ 2pm EST/ 7pm GMT ))

Thirteen floors deep within the bowels of the earth, a centuries-old seer's book entombed in the Cthonic Remains was excavated. The tome's passages predate the Atavism Age and foretell Temuair's horrors ... unspeakable horrors you wish were forgotten. But all layers of history are not dead; they are buried but not dead... entries chronicling Deochs long past... Deochs soon to come.

But how much stock shall we put in ominous prophecies soon to materialize? Come gather round in the Mileth College philosophy hall. We call upon Temuair's finest lorekeepers and history buffs as we journey through these prophetic texts to confirm their authenticity. Prizes will be awarded to those who prove most knowledgeable.

Join us at the Mileth College Lore classroom

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Poetry Maid Cafe
(( Sat 26th Oct 1pm PST/3pm MST/4pm CST/ 5pm EST/ 10pm GMT ))

Share your poetry with us. A short horror, or Halloween themed poem is require if you plan to compete for one of our fabulous prizes.
Dress up cute/horrible - as this is a Maid cafe.

Join us at the Oren Bistro

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(( Sat 26th Oct 4pm PST/5pm MST/6pm CST/ 7pm EST/ 12pm GMT ))

Join us at the Oren Palace throne room. We shall whisk you away down memory lane, back to your younger selves as we set tasks for you to complete.

Join us at the Oren Bistro

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Murderer of Macabre
(( Sunday 27th Oct 11am PST/12 MST/1pm CST/ 2pm EST/ 7pm GMT ))

Come help us stop this deranged murderer from offing us all. Some battle skills are required!

Join us in House Macabre Yard 1

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(( Sun 27th Oct 1pm PST/3pm MST/4pm CST/ 5pm EST/ 10pm GMT ))

Come play a fun game with us members of the Suomi Troupe. Can you guess who is the werewolf, or will you kill innocents?

Join us at Suomi Village entrance.

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Trick or Treat
((Sun 27th Oct 4pm PST/5pm MST/6pm CST/ 7pm EST/ 12pm GMT))

Come see if you can get yourself a treat, or if you will end up being tricked.
Make sure you bring your thinking cap, you'll need it!

Come join us at The Suomi Inn.

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((Events will be held on Saturday 26th October & Sunday 27th October 2019))

- The Suomi Troupe