09.13.19September Events + Muisir Reboot

Muisir Reloaded

Muisir Village is the first Hunting Ground we're rebooting and updating (including storyline).

Things to know:
- Muisir Training Ground timer increased from 3hrs to 4hrs (more time complete the training)
- Removed 90% of all timed restrictions in Muisir hunting ground quests
- Final Boss is guaranteed to give Muisir Prize Box. Muisir Box is tradeable, but once opened contents inside are not.

Muisir Prize Box ~ ability to choose from:
Muisir EXP/AP Box: Random chance of receiving 15%,25%,50% or 100% EXP/AP Bonus on experience and ability gained through monster kills, quest rewards, etc
Muisir Experience Box: Random chance of receiving 25-200 million experience points

We will be having DOUBLE EXP/AP Event only in Muisir Training and Hunting Grounds (including Boss Rooms) September 13-23

How to get there:
- Location of Muisir Village entrance (Undine Village coordinate (1x,55y)
- Speak to Kiril (Undine Black Magic Master) about the "tiny cave" and he will assist on how to enter the cave.
- We fixed about 90% of the ports that get players stuck in trees (if you get stuck into one, please let us know and we will fix ASAP)

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Horse of the Gods

The horse of each god has escaped their realm and are now wandering the terrestrial lands of Temuair. It is up to you Aislings to bring these horses back to the gods. Great rewards awaits!!


1. Horses will tend to appear in the environment they are most comfortable.
2. To a attract a horse, Aislings need to have in their inventory carrots or sugar beets. Sugar beets are 5x stronger than carrots.
3. Aislings may obtain carrots and beets from a mundane, farming, or randomly plucking them.
4. To steal a horse, Aislings must attack the horse but be within 1 tile from the horse. A horse will only follow the Aisling with the most carrots and beets. 5 carrots is equal to 1 beet.
5. A horse will not follow an Aisling with a town Song in their inventory.
6. Aislings will receive a message when the horse is following you or is stolen from you.
7. If a horse catches up to the Aisling it is following, it will devour one carrot or beet from their inventory. Beets are the first to be devoured.
8. Cooperation is an Aislings best chance.


1. 1 of 8 Pets
- Pet Grim Succubus
- Pet Spinning Doll
- Pet White Baboon
- Pet Unmasked Warrior
- Pet Grey Yowie
- Pet Baby Brute
- Pet Rouge Mushroom 2
- Pet Rouge Mushroom 3

2. Legend Mark
3. Experience points (insight based)

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Oren Fair

During the Fair, Aislings may purchase clothing from Ertha. Hope everyone can join in on the festivities!

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Temuairian Merchant's Guild

This fair will also be visited by a member of the Temuairian Merchant's Guild.
Gillam will be present at the Oren Fair, to send Aislings on a scavenger hunt for rare Temuairian Goods, in exchange for imported items for the fair. Aislings of insight 11 or higher may participate. Please speak to the 'Fair Ticket Seller' for more information.

Prizes will include:
Experience Points
Ability Points
Legend Mark

((Gillam will be available until the Oren Fair is closed.))

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Tournament Information

*Restricted to Registered Accounts and Insight 40+

*4 hunting grounds, each containing 5 different types of Insects per map

*20 Different types of insects to catch

*Prizes upon completion: (Varies on insight)
Experience points
Ability points (Medenian path only)
Legend mark
Prize ribbon

Description of each prize can be found in the "Tournament Information" from Gunnar.

EXP & AP Distribution
Insight 40-59: 65,000,000 experience points
Insight 60-79: 70,000,000 experience points
Insight 80-99: 80,000,000 experience points + 800,000 ability points (Medenian path only)

Visit Gunnar in Piet Weapon Shop for more details.

All events will Start on September 13th and END on September 27th. (2 weeks to complete)