08.05.19August Events

Paradise Events

Players can access the area from Lynith Beach. You can learn how to swim at the Mileth, Rucesion, and Tagor Inn.

"Feeling a bit tired lately? Getting drained from killing monsters in those heavy armors, wielding those large blades? Getting stressed dealing with Aisling complaints? If you answered yes to these question, then come on down and relax in Paradise! Beautiful white sandy beaches with miles of blue ocean waters. Take a nice swim in the cool clear waters, or have a nice refreshing cocktail right on the beach. We have many activities in store for you. You can go fishing for special fish that only inhabit these waters. For the adventurous, you can search for buried chests, containing valuable treasures."

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Inflatable Polyp

Kiril is in need of some help. He's the "Black Magic Master" in Undine. Help him out and maybe you receive something cool and fun for the Summer.

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Keep the beach safe

Paradise beach is not as safe as it used to be. Can you bring it back in order? This quest will be available through Ruba.

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Golden Starfish

Golden Starfish will also wash up along Lynith Beach during the Paradise Event. You will be rewarded with a Legend Mark along with experience and ability points.

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((These events will start on Monday, August 5th and will end on August 23rd. Only registered characters and insight 10 and above may participate.))

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Lost at Sea

Can you help bring Egan's father home safely? Please talk to Nola to see how you can help.

Paradise 1 (64,26)

((Lost at Sea will be released on August 23rd and END on Sept 2nd))