06.11.19Mileth Fair Weekend

Hear ye! Hear ye! The Suomi Troupe and Town of Mileth wish to announce the annual grand opening of the Mileth Fair! All Aislings are invited to partake in summer festivities to celebrate the arrival of a new season. There will be entertainment aplenty. Come win yourself a prize. Join us in our competitions, interactive lessons, games and more.

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The Mileth Fair will be open from June 14th to June 16th, 2019.

Attendants will direct fairgoers to the proper venues for each event. Listen to world shouts and follow the coins!

Schedule of Events:

Hy-Brasyl Chef - (10:30pm GMT/3:30pm PST/6:30pm EST)

Punvenger Hunt - (5pm GMT/ 10am PST/ 1pm EST)
Cail Art Competition - (7pm GMT/12pm PST/3pm EST)
Poetry Hour - (9pm GMT/2pm PST/5pm EST)

Fashion Show - (5pm GMT/ 10am PST/ 1pm EST)
Literature Class - (7pm GMT/12pm PST/3pm EST)
3 In A Row - (9pm GMT/2pm PST/5pm EST)

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**Hy-Brasyl Chef**

Are you worthy to be dubbed Temuair's greatest chef? Then come put your culinary skills to the test! Participate in the most competitive cooking competition that Temuair has to offer!

Unlike other cooking competitions, contestants may only use the ingredients provided on stage to create a gastronomic experience beyond imagination.

Be sure to attend the pre-show soiree ((20 minutes before the competition commences )), where the ingredient list will be revealed and spectators served Temuair's most exquisitely appetizing hors d'oeuvres!

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**Punvenger Hunt**

Join us in a pun-themed scavenger hunt! Use your lore knowledge to determine the identity of the requested items and their locations. The first participant to bring the correct item wins the round. Several rounds will be played.

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**Cail Art Competition**

Are you artistically inclined but lack the wherewithal to compete on an even playing field? Are you inspired by nature? This may be the event for you! Collaborate with teammates to create nature-themed art pieces on the ground using the coins and items in your inventory. Allow let the environment around you to guide your creativity.

The competition will commence after a Cail mass in the fairgrounds, which all participants are expected to attend! The objects to be illustrated in the competition will be revealed during the event.

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**Poetry Hour**

No summer fair festival would be complete without a seasonally themed poetry contest. Dazzle the audience with your intellect and poetic writing skills!
Stricken with stage fright? No worries--sit back and enjoy the summer breeze while Temuair’s finest bards entertain you with great panache!

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**Fashion Show**

Welcome to the Mileth Fair. Walk the walk, and talk the talk on our stage for your fellow Aislings to ooh and ahh over your chosen ‘look’.
Two categories;

BLOCK OF COLOUR - Create a style using only ONE colour. No kruna, kruna accessories, or kruna dyes to be used.

MY STYLE - Create a look that is unique to you and all your own. Make use of whatever you want in this look, and wow us with your image.

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**Literature Class**

Join us in the discovery of how descriptive, juicy words, are important whilst writing.
We will change something bland and boring into a piece that will invoke all of our senses, and create a visual picture in our minds.

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**3 In A Row**

Come compete in a fun and simple game. Can you block your opponent from getting 3 counters in a row? Have you got what it takes to win? Show us how much game you’ve got!