04.01.19April 1st Quality of Life Update

April Quality of Life Update

Misc Changes

All characters have been reset to level 1.
Arena is no longer available to unregistered players.
Everyone has been given a Staff of Eternity because they aren't rare enough.
AB 99 has been released.
Error no longer works on Dark Ages.
Error has been replaced by GM "And"
All jail and arrest marks have been forgiven.
Lost Ruins has been changed to Found Ruins.
All characters have been restored to there previous level and ability.
Auto Hemloch will now permanently leave you at 1 health.

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Class Changes

Monks can now obtain all 4 forms (Kelberoth, Scorpion, White Bat, Draco forms)
Druids can now obtain all 3 forms. (Karura, Feral, Komodas)
All stats now max out at 255.
All non master classes will be given the option to sub path for a third time.

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Skill/Spell Changes

Obliterate is a new peasant only spell that destroys an Aisling's spark and deletes the character. It can be used anywhere and on anyone.
Hide will now teleport you behind the strongest Aisling on the map, so you can cower in fear.
Kelberoth Strike will no longer go through dion
Priest have been given MSPG.
Warriors can now learn mor fas nadur.
Maiden Trap will now force players to listen to music from Iron Maidens greatest hits album.
All sub class priest can now learn Mesmerize.
Monk/Warrior sub classes can now learn Asgall Faileas
All status traps have been removed from the game.
Kelberoth Strike might go through Dion again.

GM "And" and the DA Team