03.19.19Mischievous Sprites!

Celebration of small mischievous sprites!

Come celebrate this time with the Suomi Troupe as we have prepared a few events for you all to enjoy. Get into the spirit of these celebrations by wearing something green and grabbing one of the many spirited beverages on hand as is associated with these mischievous sprites, better known as leprechauns! Join us for fun and games, test your wits, or your sporting prowess!

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Pet Race (( 1pm EST/10am PST /5pm GMT))

Are your pets super fit and well trained? See how well you lead them through our race course to assure your victory! Super fun, make sure you come along with a pet, if not, we may have some spare racing champions to help you out.

Join us at Loures Entrance yard

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Chase the Leprechauns (( 3pm EST/ 12pm PST /7pm GMT))

Our little leprechauns have managed to get loose! We need some help rounding them up, and catching them! We hope some of you can help get our sprites relaxed again by helping us get their ale to them.

Join us at Undine Bridge to Muisir

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The History of Temuair’s Ancient Fae Tongue (( 5pm EST/2pm PST/9pm GMT))

Listen to this lecture, learn about our ancient language and the origins of our spark, then enlighten us with your knowledge. Show off your wits in this class which entails of a lesson and then a quiz at the end. We want to know how bright a spark you really are!

Join us at the Mileth College.

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Tiny Soccer (( 7pm EST/4pm PST/11pm GMT))

We are looking for teams of 5 vs 5! To make this extra fun, you will be shrunk down to size for an extra challenge! Are you up for it? Have you got what it takes? Sign up by mailing a troupe member your team members and show up at the time!

Join us on the Soccer Field.

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((Event will be held on Saturday 23rd March 2019))

The Suomi Troupe