There are five paths to choose from. Each path has its own skills, spells, armor, and weapons. Sub-pathing is also possible, where characters can switch to another path but keep the skills and spells they learn from their previous path.

Warrior - Strongest of the paths, they have many armors and weapons. They are great hunters. The skills they learn are mainly for combat.

Wizard - Master of spells, wizards have ranged attacks and can enchant items. Wizards are limited by their weak armor.

Priest- A very useful path, priests can heal, curse, remove curses, and enchant items. Priests are also much involved in the community, holding masses and consecrating items.

Rogue - A clever path, instead of direct combat with monsters, rogues lay traps. They can also become steath, pick chests, and change hair.

Monk - Also known for combat, monks have many skills to learn from. They rarely use weapons, their main form of combat is through their hands and feet.