Here are some of many creatures you will encounter in the world of Dark Ages.

Spider- Non-aggressive dwellers of the Crypts.

Mantis-Roams the wilderness areas of Temuair.

Nikuru-Infests the studies of the House Macbre

Rock Cobbler- Creatures believed to be responsible for tunneling the dungeons of Piet.

Sea Skrull-An unfriendly creature that lives in the depths of the Lynith Sea

Orc Soldier- The lowest rank of the violent Orc race.

Losgann- Giant creature of the Chaos caves.

Goblin Warlord- Fierce warrior of the goblin army.

Gargoyle-Haunts the abandoned Castle Dubhaimid

Draco Skeleton-Undead Draco that still breaths fire in the Cthonic Remains.

Carnun Champion- The legendary warrior who wields the Hy-brasyl Axe.

Aog Ridir- Undead knight of the Chaos caves.