Religion - There are eight religions in Dark Ages. In a religion, characters can become an Acolyte, a Cleric, Priest, and a High Priest. There are many things you can do in a religion, like hold mass.

Religious mass

Politics- There are towns in Dark Ages with player-run political systems. Players can write laws, vote on laws, enforce laws, and judge trials. As with any political system, politics in Dark Ages is quite ruthless. Players can support or attack political officials. There are good officials and there are corrupt officials, it is up to the players for who they support. The picture shows a meeting of town officials. To learn more about politics in Dark Ages, read the lore written by a player, "Politica Dominica"

Town Meeting

Weddings - Many characters form relationships in Dark Ages. If the relationship is serious, characters can get married or be bonded. Weddings are always a popular event. To learn more about relationships in Dark Ages, read the lore written by a player,"Aisling's Se? Chum D?se (Aisling's guide to Relationships)"

Wedding on Lynith

Wedding in Tagor church

Events - Every once and a while there will be events in Dark Ages.
Events like the Oren Ball or the Fair bring players together.

Oren Ball