Sleigh Beggy

     These faeries, much like Mileth's Tuatha and the Gwragedd Annwn, are thought to be the first inhabitants of the Isle of Man. These small earthbound fae prefer to go nude, and hop about of crow's feet, leaving very distinct footprints. Hating artificial light, they stay out of the town of Rucesion, but swarm between the town and the Castle Dubhaimid. They are known for their strange habits, and hate the taste of salt and any presence of ash. It is said that after Hy-Brasyl burned, they sought refuge on the Isle of Man, for no other reason than to avoid the ashes which rained upon the whole of Temuair. They are quite easily brought to anger, though no legend tells of what an angered "Beggy" (as the Rucesion citizens call them) will do. Also, they are partial to snow, and might even enter the city if it means a chance to frolic in some wayward snowflakes.


     Only two things are known about these fae. They are of athar, and their only purpose is to attack and mutilate travelers making their way through the Isle from Rucesion to Dubhaim. Protection is hard to come by, but it is best to take all proper precautions, with ashes and metal upon your person at all times. (of course when traveling that way it is best to carry a sword, for who knows what undesirables lurk there, so close to Sgrios' lair)


     These faeries are related closely to the Tuatha and Dryads, perhaps more so than any other race of fae living on the Isle. They can be of any element, and are visible only as bright spheres of light. They are playful and are extremely fond of nature, constantly seeking to immerse themselves in natural surroundings. They can be found closer to Rucesion, the home of elemental magick, which they are heavily credited for aiding in the discovery of, and swarm at night in the small islands of nature which rise up from the tiles, most notably near the docks.


     These nature faeries are the patrons of the four seasons. It is said that they assist the earth in changing throughout the seasons, by dancing to raise energy for newly budding flowers in spring, or gently shaking the leaves off the shedding trees in fall. They are very capricious and do not trouble themselves with humans very often, but they will not willingly avoid human contact while going about their business.


     There is only one of him, and he is not a nice fellow. This faery is akin to the Incubus, it seems, but without the inertia to "go all the way", so to speak. He is a handsome man known for always carrying (but never smoking), and old-style clay pipe. He likes to seduce women and then to disappear, leaving them to pine forever away for him. Some "modern" Aislings wonder if this isn't simply the archetype for the average wandering drifter, as he hasn't been seen since the opening of Rucesion for citizens.

     Sea Water Guardians

     The Sea Water Guardians are thought to be Undines who made their way to the open sea. With blue-green auras surrounding them, the sail upon the stormy sea in eggshells, playing with the dolphins and healing ailing fish with their skill in sal. Long ago, many Loures sailors refuse to sail to the Isle for all of the faeries in the water.


     There is only on Leanansidhe. She lives in the castle Dubhaim, but is not dubhaimid herself. A poet, she gives inspiration to other poets, but her price is high: death or captivity in her kingdom. She sucks the blood of those she assists, but rather than drink it, she gathers it in a huge black cauldron which is said to be the source of her great beauty and literary inspiration. However, it is said that she will be unable to gain power over you if you pray for protection from one of the lesser gods of the sea. She is of the element of sal, perhaps tying her to the water which feeds one's blood.

     Succubi and Incubi

     Before they became the bedfellows of Sgrios, Succubi were a faery form, joined by Incubi, their male counterpart. Of air, these fiendish creatures see humans as being here only for their sexual amusement. They come upon those in sleep, having sexual relations with them in the night. Unfortunately, there is no longer any way to repel a Succubus now that they've made their deadly pact with Sgrios, but an Incubus can be kept away by keeping a peony flower near your bed.

     Water Leaper

     Appearing more as bats skipping across the surface of the water off the Isle, Water Leapers look for sailors whom they wish to lure into joining them. They are quite vicious and prone to murder, for as they lure these sailors into the sea, they almost immediately drown them.