Aisling's Seòl Chum Dìlse
(Aisling's guide to Relationships)

by: Landon in DarkAges


Lets face it, there are some of us that excel in Aisling to Aisling relationships...they have all the answers to all the questions, the perfect solution for every problem, and a suave line for every Aisling girl...
Then there are those of us that have come to fear the relations that our kin have mastered...we hesitate on every question, ponder problems for moons, and break out in the Mundane Flu every time a girl comes knocking...

This guide is meant to be a savior of sorts for those of us that fit into the second category. In this lore, I will put forward some personal experiences and techniques that I have already used with a good amount of success! Fear no more, anti-social Aislings, yer about to learn everything ye need to pick out, and rope in, the Aisling of yer dreams!

(Just a small note, this lore is created with the male Aislings in mind, women Aislings can also apply this knowlege, just adjust it a little)


Table of contents:

Section 1: Finding a date
Section 2: First date and dates after that
Section 3: Fae love
Section 4: Marrage


Landon Lockheart, Deoch 22
Revised, Deoch 27