Welcome to Temuair's greatest library, Aisling.

Surround yourself in imagination, which makes you Aisling. Drink in; replenish your creativity.

Art.Paintings, drawings, and music of Temuair.
Biography.Famous Aislings and mundanes of Temuair. You may meet one mentioned here while you are in Temuair.
History. The history of Temuair; a great way to understand the significance of current events.
Literature. Stories, poems, and legends of Temuair.
Lore.Knowledge of Temuair. You'll learn many practical things here; from Temuairan herbs to Temuairan politics. You may need it to survive.
PhilosophySpeculations and theories in Temuair. Theology, magic theory, racial sociology, . inter-village economics, music theory, psychology and more are treated here.

400+ works on display in the library.

Librarian of Loures