02.02.16Festival of Hearts Event

Greetings Aislings!

Our lady Glioca has gained high favor among aislings, and the Suomi Troupe is hosting a Festival of the Heart in her honor. Come join us over the course of two eight-sun cycles (( two days )) for games and contests in the spirit of celebrating love.

Wear your hearts on your sleeves during the Dating Game, take a chance on a regal frog or two, compete against others with your silver tongue in our Love Ballad Contest, content with others in a battle of wits during the trivia contest, and fight for the hand of another during the Love is a Battlefield event.

We hope that everyone can make it out to the games and to celebrate the goddess of love this upcoming season. If any aislings are feeling especially festive, please contact me to become a volunteer as part of the dating game event.

Thank you,

Events will begin on February 5th and 6th, 2016 starting at 7 PM EST.
Announcements with more information will be posted in game on the Events of Temuair board.
Love is a Battlefield will have three brackets, and it will be hosted in the arena.