An Essay Concerning the Principles of the Beag Magical Arts

by Sophocles in Dark Ages

The form of magic known currently as "beag" or minor magic was the first form of known magic following the great Hy-Brasyl split. When first discovered, beag, was the only known form of magic and considered extremely powerful. Other more potent manipulations of the magical arts were not discovered until many Temuairan years closer to the Deoch calendar.

A Beag magical art like other magic draws its power from the very elements of Temuair itself. The main difference that accounts for the now known lesser potency of beag is the amount of energy being focused through the caster. An energy source known as "mana" is produced naturally in the body and is channeled through the use of intense concentration. All magic uses mana energy as an amplifier for the magical energy derived from the elements. Beag magic channels the elemental energy of Temuair through the caster's body, using a flow of mana energy to travel through until manifesting itself at the wizard's intended target. Beag is limited in strength due to the fact the elemental energy is being channeled through the wizard's body. The body can sustain very little elemental energy and therefore even with the amplification by the mana energy the total output of magical energy is small in comparison to other magical arts.

Other magical arts such as lamh and mor, channel mana energy outward from the caster's body into the surrounding elemental energies. Although the energy consumed in exerting such a force is exhausting, this form of magic is not limited by the body's constraints on sustaining elemental energies.

When the magical arts other than beag had been discovered many beag wizards were still able to defeat their counterparts who studied the other arts. Master wizards could control almost all of the elements through the use of beag arts almost effortlessly, while wizards practicing the newly discovered forms struggled from exhaustion. However, eventually the other arts gained strength as their power became more and more evident. The beag would eventually become know as the "minor" art of magic and its use has widely become a teaching tool for apprentice wizards.

Written by apprentice wizard Sophocles