The Force of Magick: A Dreamer's Will

By Deksar sagart-K'sull

Mystical energies. Etheral empowerment. God's will. Magick. There be many a name for this force, yet it is still quite a mystery to many an Aisling. So here I write about this force, hoping to find truth in my own words. By studying this energy scientificly, perhaps I found parts of its true nature. Perhaps ye shall find some truth, as well.

Magick is a manipulation of some type of energy. Many a wizard asked, they all say some part of themselves is needed to manipulate the elemental forces. It is believed that this force is external to an Aisling. Too much manipulation may drive an Aisling to insanity though the sheer willpower and control needed to use such powers. The question is, what is being controlled? Reality itself, being bent at an Aisling's whim. The natural order of things may call for beams of light to sinder a goblin, or the very earth to crack open and almost swallow a mantis whole. However that be nature, not Aisling. That be god, not Aisling. Aislings are dwelling on the paths of gods. It is known gods are immortal and omnipotent. With the current theory in place, it is therefore totally possible the gods have mastered the ability to change reality. The only reason they do not destroy each other is because their powers are in check with their enemies. But what do the gods have that Aislings do not? Do they have something else special about them?

There is reality, and then there is unreality. The gods exist on a plane of unreality, a land of dreams. The rules of the natural state of things are gone. These two realities exist flowing into each other. This is how the gods are much stronger then any Aisling, they exist on this plane. It is already known that the gods are not mortal, and their true forms may be anything. The land of dreams is a place frought with much chaos. In summoning magickal forces, the land of dreams is walked by the caster. The caster needs to change the land of dreams so as to change reality. Too many tries to manipulate the dream world will leave an Aisling close to insanity, because of the incredibly chaotic and mentally dehibilitating state of this dream world.

There are 6 known elements in the world of Temuair. Srad, Sal, Athar, Creag, Deo, and Dubh. Fire, Water, Wind, Earth, Light, and Darkness. Only the four main elements, Srad, Sal, Athar, and Creag have been researched the most. Deo has only been researched slightly by Priests, Dubh by none (so far). Each of this magickal elements represent an element found in the world. The fury of Lightning crashes down with the essence of Deo. The Sun burns with both Srad and Deo. The Moon, contains both Deo and Dubh, a conflict. The Moon hails the Darkness to come in, but gives off its own Light. Sal and Athar have been known to create Tornados out in the open seas. Srad and Athar cover the world with black powder from a demonic mountain. Such conjunctions occur in the world, yet in the dream world these things do not take place as one might expect. In the land of dreams, there are no need for elements. Everything just exists by the nature of this plane of reality, this unreality. There is light because there needs to be light, not because the Sun provides such a thing. A thought controls the destiny of this world, not some more complex and ambigious system. So the lines between these elements are more blatant, as they are more artificial in nature to this dream world. The Light destroys the Dark, the Water quenches the Fire, the Wind crashes down on the Earth, and so on.

The dream world is connected to reality through all life. Creatures much unlike Aisling can still fathom this power. Plants are known to contain magickal properties, such as the miraculous healing powers of the Hydele plant. As we Aislings are around the top of the list of the most powerful beings of Temuair (below at least the gods, of course), our abilities in magick are varied and great. The worshippers of a god (through their god) and very experienced Priests can summon forth creatures from the dream plane to do their bidding. These creatures are created in the dream plane, their forms not yet fully comprehendable. This is why the summoner can only hold them tangible for a certain amount of time, even if they exist by a god's power. After the summoner can no longer will these creatures into existance, they cease to exist and are immerged fully back with the land of dreams.

Evidence of the importance of this dream land exists in the power and potency of certain spells, skills, and secrets known to Temuair. As an Aisling progress through the existance that is Aisling, many a sleeping foe that shall find. First they see the powers of Beag Pramh, a light sleep through Priestly secrets. Then the Warriors find that Beag Suain comes in handy. A very deep sleep, one so deep the opponent usually does not attack or even move. A Rogue might find a snare containing sleeping powder to be very effective for causing a very deep sleep much like Beag Suain. Through much practice, Rogues become masters of creating comatose enemies.

Many an Aisling have dreamed about understanding the full force of magick. That is perhaps why we are so unique, so special. Other people and beings mainly use these powers to further their own causes. But the Aisling contains the spark of creativity, and must learn what there is to know about magick. That is Aisling, we are the dreamers. We dream about truely dreaming.

Scribed by Deksar sagart-K'sull in The Library of Mileth
Assistance by the Library's Staff
Summer of the 10th Deoch, 8th Moon, 25th Day