The Society of the Dubhaimid: The final notes of Teirsaes

Edited and partially translated by Deksar math-K'sull in Dark Ages

Section 1: What are the Dubhaimid?
Section 2: Dubhaimid Life and Death
Section 3: Classification of a soceity
Section 4: The Dubhaimid Religion
Conclusion by Deksar
Reference: Eclipse, the symbols of dubhaim

By Deksar
The darkness that fills the void, this is the dubhaimid. Teirsaes spent over 2 Deochs studying the acursed creatures in the Castle of Dubhaim. He was certain that there was some semblence of intelligence in these things. I have collected and edited his findings into this document, as Teirases was not exactly great at keeping orderly notes in his diaries. In fact, it took me 6 moons just to figure out the way Teirsaes wrote in order to "translate it" into a real work. Anything in quotations is an approximate "translation". Note that there may be gaps in this collection, for Teirsaes's complete diary was never found. The last parchments were torn off of their placeholders. But what we do have is quite interesting, and remarkable if it is indeed true. Note that though Teirsaes might have been a brilliant philosopher, he is highly opinionated so he sometimes adds theories which may totally contradict with the main beliefs. From here on out it will be Teirsaes's work, with comments from me in parathenses.

((OOC Note: The character "Teirsaes" does not exist anywhere in Dark Ages. I made him up so I could say he researched this for 2 Deochs. Deksar himself has only been around for 2 Deochs, so he could not do it himself. But I am not copying someone else's work, this is all original.))

Section 1: What are the Dubhaimid?

To understand why the dubhaimid could even have a society, first we must first understand what the dubhaimid are. Many believe them to be evil incarnate, the result of something's hate for this world. However, that is a simplified explanation. Evil is an emotion, not something that could create a living, sentient, creature. I believe the dubhaimid to be sentient creatures, their form warped by the power of darkness, but sentient none-the-less. Deoch, Sgrios, and Chadul were all once, or still are, dubhaimid. And they show great signs of intelligence and power. Chadul is the greatest threat to the gods as Aislings can tell. No mere mathmatical process based on instinct can defeat the gods, it takes intelligence and cunning. Chadul may be the ultimate form of a dubhaimid, but this does not mean there are not lesser, still intelligent, dubhaimid.

Exactly where these dubhaimid come from, I can still only theorize that they are, in fact, made up mostly of evil. They warp a creature coming into this world and, by the power of darkness, corrupt perfectly mundane and unsentient animals twisted into the first dubhaimid. I cannot believe darkness could create form. Evil has always symbolized the power of chaotic destruction and the end of life, while Good has always symbolized the order of creation and the beginning of existance.

Section 2: Dubhaimid Life and Death

The dubhaimid do not give birth like other creatures. The dubhaimid are asexual, they do not need anyone else to reproduce. First they gather up enough "dark energy" (Note: see Teirsaes's diary collection for more information on "dark energy") to reach their full capacity. From here they have two options - morph themselves into a being of even greater power, or create an offspring. Many yeng dubhaimid choose to continue warping their forms until it is too difficult to obtain that next stage of being without great strains, at which point they usually settle down (note: parallel to Aisling life?) and seek to start propogating.

The first stage of a dubhaimid brought to life is not, in fact, the stage of pupa as many tend to believe. The first stage is cocoon, in which the dubhaimid are subjected to intense but brief stimuli of light. Where this light comes from is unknown, but its effect is greatly needed, for it allows the dubhaimid to have a small immunity to the element of light. Without this, the dubhaimid's form would start to disenegrate as light touched it. This could be why the dubhaimid took so long in corrupting Temuair, they needed to develop the cocoon stage to create small immunities to the natural element of light.

Next comes the well-known stage, the pupa stage. A dubhaimid pupa is a totally un-evolved being, with rudementiary abilities based solely on instinct. An unguided pupa has a short life-span, for its instincts aren't very well-honed and will get it into big trouble by the end of a sword. A pupa has many choices to what to evolve into when it collects enough dark energy. However it is almost impossible to evolve past the state its parent was at, for some reason unknown to me at this time. (note: More about the pupa-stage later)

When a dubhaimid dies, it leaves behind whatever "dark energy" it has collected and not used. Being this some sort of etheral energy, it cannot be viewed by mortal eaye. However the dubhaimid seem to know where this energy is, and feed off of it to increase their own reserves. Exactly why this happens is quite a mystery, and I can only offer an outstanding theory. It is known that Sgrios, the god of death and chaos, feeds off the death of Aislings and scars them somehow before letting them return to the mortal world. It is quite possible that Aislings, being of both light and darkness, have this "dark energy" inside of their bodies and Sgrios, being kin to the dubhaimid, feeds off of this to keep his ultimate evolved form of a dubhaimid from expiring back into a more mortal form. However this theory suggests that the "dark energy" is part of one's soul, so that would mean that the dubhaimid are made up of whatever souls are made of, an interesting thing to ponder.

Section 3: Classifications of a society

A "society" is created when a certain type of creature's patterns of life have any resemblence to a community, with certain tasks and status to each type of creature. There are certain levels of society, a low-end society, a medium-result society, and a high-intelligence society. The first is mainly the work of such industrious creatures like the little tiny insect ants. They work and toil with certain tasks, but their overall intelligence and originality is lacking, they are compeletely uniform. The medium-result society is very typical of a Mundane society, although perhaps not perfect in its mundane qualities, it gets the job done when needed. And last is the Aisling society, the high-intelligence society. This society is based on a premise on a state of reason and science instead of whims and beliefs, and has the most potentional of the three to create a productive society.

There are many different classifications of the dubhaimid society. I have struggled my entire life to create these theories and write these notes, for I believe above all other "truths" that the dubhaimid are, indeed, sentient. The classifications are: pupa, drone, hunter, guard, scholar, creator, leader, and priest.

An unevolved dubhaim is at its pupa stage. It has not collected enough "dark energy" to evolve past the stage right after cocoon. A dubhaimid has a strong aggressive instinct, so a little pupa may attack anything it sees, even other dubhaimid. In fact, one of the ways a pupa can gain "dark energy" is by killing its own kind. The strongest dubhaimid might have killed more of their own kind then Aislings and Mundanes. For this reason, the pupa are extremely territorial and vicious. Only the strongest evolve into higher dubhaimid then "drone". Most common pupa-stage dubhaimid is usually refered to as a "Fiend Pupa".

Many times I have seen a "drone" dubhaimid. They are the most common and the most unintelligent of the dark beings. However they make up the backbone of the dubhaimid society, for their tasks range from commonplace working to taking up tasks usually reserved for higher-evolved dubhaimid like hunting and guarding. In fact, many of the higher-evolved dubhaimid try to command a small to large force of "drone" dubhaimid to protect themselves in case of danger and to do work they wish not to do. The "drones" choose to obey their masters, for I have seen small drone-only colonies in which none of the dubhaimid have evolved much at all. Here the "drones" have no leaders, but they work fine by themselves and seem to be more harmonious without complicated directions (although I could never totally decipher how the dubhaimid communicate with each other). Most common "drones" are known as "Gast" and "Cruel".

Be wary if ye see a "hunter" dubhaimid. Their job is to kill all Aislings and Mundanes on sight to collect "dark energy". They then bring the "dark energy" back to their community and divide it up for consumption and possible evolution. "Hunters" usually command quite a bit more power then the average dubhaimid, and surround themselves with "drones" to protect themselves. "Hunters" are designed by nature to be able to traverse all terrain, and so have the gift of flight. The most common "hunters" are known as the "Gargoyle" and "Nightgaunt", although the latter is divided between hunting and another function.

I suggest retreat is in order if ye meet up with a "guard" dubhaimid. They are especially strong dubhaimid picked by their leaders or priests to guard certain important locations, such as the main community or an alternate place of worship. All "guards" are very intelligent and vary with the importance of the location. Places of mild important but still valuable may have a "Nightgaunt" guarding it. Places of great importance may have a powerful "Succubus" guarding it. "Nightgaunts" assigned to guarding are much stronger then their "hunting" counterparts, but still not as strong as the Succubus, hence why it is usually placed guarding regions are great importance. "Guards" become extremely vicious if ye enter into the region they are guarding. Otherwise, "Nightgaunts", having many charistics of a warrior with loyalty to their leaders, will not abandon its post for any reason. A "Succubus", on the other hand, gets bored easily and may start wandering a little bit looking for some "fun".

A dubhaimid who researches mysticism and philosophy is a "scholar". Only one type of "scholar" dubhaimid exists besides the "leaders", that being a "Succubus". The "Succubus" is highly intelligent, and has learned to warp its form into that of an attractive female form. A "Succubus" does not have to worry about killing anything for "dark energy" again, for they can trick yeng male Aislings and Mundanes into giving up "dark energy" with their illusion of feminine charm and power. In reality there is absolutely nothing feminine about a "Succubus", however. All it cares about are its own interests, which usually do not include helping its fellow dubhaimid. It mainly cares about having fun, which it accomplishes by sucking "dark energy" from yeng Mundanes and Aislings and by practicing its power over the elements on anything that moves. "Succubi" are extremely dangerous when provoked, for they are the only common dubhaimid that have spells, which are of a Wizard's "Mor" rank and know the secrets of the eternal curse "Cradh". Because the "cradh" type of spells are the curse of the dubhaimid by use of nightmarish visions, it is quite possible someone learned this from a "Succubus" to bring this to the the price of their soul. Worshippers of Sgrios can pray to Sgrios for a curse of extreme power, for as known Sgrios is kin to the dubhaimid. Infact, Sgrios itself may have been a "Succubus" at one point, for a "Succubus" is one the highest evolved forms of a dubhaimid.

Since dubhaimid cannot just create other dubhaimid out of nothing, there are some who dedicate their existance to creating new dubhaimid for their community. These are known as the "creators". It takes a bit of a dubhaimid's own "dark energy" to create an offspring. Any type of dubhaimid can do this, even one still in the pupa stage. However its offspring cannot evolve beyond its parent without a tremdous amount of effort, so the "creators" are usually higher evolved dubhaimid. The closer a new dubhaimid gets to evolving into its parent's state, the harder it is for this dubhaimid to evolve. Many would think that a "Succubus", having a female form, would produce the most offspring. This untrue, a "Succubus" produces only one or two offspring in its entire life. As well, it seems to have no "parental instinct", for it leaves its offspring to fend for itself. The dubhaimid that survive a "Succubus's" neglect often evolve into much higher states. Also note that the "scholars" helped develop the dubhaimid pictograph writings.

One of great charismatic appeal is declared a "leader" of a dubhaimid community. The "leaders" vary, and there may be more then one. Usually the highest evolve dubhaimid becomes the "leader", as their intelligence surprasses that of their lesser kin. "Gargoyles", "Nightgaunts", and "Succubi" are all common "leaders". However a "Succubus" makes a terrible "leader", for they care only about themselves. Usually they act more like a spoiled ruler then a charismatic leader. However with the introduction of religion into the dubhaimid community about a Deoch ago, more and more of their communities are being run by "priests".

Upon a Deoch ago (note: 3rd Deoch when Teirsaes wrote this), a new evolution of dubhaimid was somehow created. This new evolution is very rare and I might have been the only person to seen them, they are the "Lich". Decayed in form, they wear a ragged cloak over themselves to prevent themselves from falling apart and carry a long staff with a hollow metal upside-down pentagram with a hollow metal pentagram in its center and 3 parts of the upside-down pentagram filled with a jade-like crystal. These are the new "priests" of the dubhaimid, they worship either fear and death or hate and evil. The two theologies are seperated by close tensions, for I have seen dubhaimid of opposite faith attack each other many a time. It is quite interesting that the "Lichs" resembles the mortal form of Sgrios, as Sgrios, as said before, is kin to the dubhaimid. It is quite possible Sgrios was the first "Lich", and all the dubhaimid now reaching the state of "Lich" are Sgrios's offspring. But then there is also always the possibility of intervention by the dark god, Chadul. A "Lich" has the ultimate power of darkness, a spell which causes instant death. It is quite possible the "Lich" has evolved past the state of a "Succubus". Note that the "priests" also serve another very important purpose, for they are responsible for the teaching of the dubhaimid pictograph writings, which I refer to as "Eclipse", because it is usually refered to with an "eclipse"-type of drawing. (note: See the "Forenote" for a brief explanation of the writing system as I see it)

Note by Deksar: If you are accessing the "forbidden library" (( "" )) to see this work, if it indeed worthy that is, then you should see a copied drawing made by Teirsaes to the right of the previously unknown dubhaimid, "Lich". This drawing is banned in normal libraries because they fear the image to be cursed by the same power that brought down Teirsaes.

Section 4: The Dubhaimid Religion

About a Deoch ago (note: 3rd Deoch), an organized religion was starting through the work of the "priests". It is the worship of the dark god, Chadul. The theology is split into two main sects, that "Chadul is fear, death" and "Chadul is hate, evil".

The dubhaimid that believe Chadul is "of fear and death" worship both Chadul and Sgrios. They seem believe Sgrios is the greatest prophet of Chadul, and will follow Sgrios into their own deaths. Supposedly Deoch to them was once a prophet of Chadul, but turned over to the other side when he stopped fearing the consequences of love and the power of Chadul, which makes Deoch extremely "unholy" to them. However they mainly believe Chadul is of "fear", with "death" being a subset of "fear". They seem to say that "death" is the one thing all beings have in common with their "fear", so it must be the strongest "fear" of all time. They believe that Aislings and Mundanes were created by Chadul to satisfy his hunger for "fear", and it is the will of Chadul that these beings be horrified. The "dark energy" that comes from all creatures when they die is considered to be their "fear escaping", for death is the final terror. A dubhaimid that feeds off of "dark energy" becomes stronger because they grow more and more afraid of death, and the "fear" gives them power. They are in constant fear of their master Chadul's powers, which is what their theology seems based around.

The other main sect believe Chadul is "of hate and evil" see both Sgrios and Deoch as betraying Chadul's will. They believe that "The End" will come through the pure hate and evil within everything's soul, the "dark energy" that the dubhaimid can feed off of. A "Final Battle" between the great power of Chadul and his enemies will one day happen if enough "dark energy" is given up to Chadul. Anything that is living must be either turned over to the side of darkness or tortured then released. Through this process, they hope more and more beings will either hate the other beings or hate the dubhaimid. Either way, they feel that "hate" brings "power" to Chadul and all his followers. These dubhaimid worshipping this sect are extremely aggressive, dangerous, and fight with extreme zeal. They are currently the strongest sect because they have killed off whoever disagrees with them out of sheer hate for their differences.

The ritual they preform is usually refered to either by the symbol of Chadul or "Fate". Both religions preform a very similiar ritual, as they both believe Chadul to be the master of fate and the final victor of any battle. For the "Fear" sect the ritual involves preforming horrifying experiences to please their master, like jumping into a small fire and coming close to death by burns. For the "Hate" sect the ritual is very similiar, except they do the horrifying experiences to other beings. All the while the "priests" form a circle and stare downward at an upside-down pentagram and randomly touch the end of their staff against the end of the "priest" next to them. The end, however, cannot be documented. I have tried again and again to stay through the whole ritual, but something inside of me start burning with fear of the ritual's end. I can only theorize that the end of the ritual involves looking upon the true essence of Chadul, which is said to cause instant total corruption of the soul to whatever mortal gazes upon this. (note: Teirsaes's writings from here suggests he does not believe that he can be "corrupted", and desperately wants to see the end of the ritual. This is a possible cause of Teirsaes's disappearance. See: Teirsaes's Diary, complied by me)


by Deksar
To make sure the astounding theories Teirsaes writes are true, I spent 2 moons in the Castle of Dubhaim using the tunnels I found Teirsaes had dug. The more I looked for Teirsaes's findings, the more I found out he could very well be true. With all of this information that I have recorded and translated and tested, I still cannot safely say I am the expert on the true nature of the dubhaimid. Perhaps both Teirsaes and I are mad, perhaps we both are seeing what we are looking for just because we are looking for it. But I cannot doubt at this moment that the dubhaimid are not just creatures, that there is at least some semblence of sentience in the dubhaimid and a soceity in their midsts. Take this work with a grain of salt, and then wash that down with a little bit of reality: go to the Castle of Dubhaim and various other dubhaimid-populated regions form your own opinions. Thank you for reading this work, it does honour to both my name and the name of Teirsaes.

Deksar math-K'sull
Gliocan Priest

Reference: Eclipse, the symbols of dubhaim

by Deksar
Teirsaes took many a scribbled and disorderly note about their language. I cannot give ye his exact words, best I can do is tell ye what I can figure out from his notes. About a Deoch ago (note: 3rd Deoch) with the appearance of the first "Lich", an organized religion started developing in the dubhaimid society. To tell about Chadul, the "Lichs", with the help of the "Succubi", developed a very primitive language based on symbols. I will show ye a copy of his drawings by hand, and the possible meaning it has. Note that I am forbidden to show the copies of Teirsaes's drawings anyplace in Temuair. Ye must locate the "forbidden library" (( "" )) to see the drawings, if it ever be great enough to be nailed up there.

The dubhaimid language, "Eclipse": the moon, a large arc over the sun, an arc with "beams of light" coming from it. (left)

"Death": a broken circle trying to "eat" something which resembles a snake. (right)

"Fear": A swiggly line broken at the top, with another swiggly line coming out of it and little things inside of them. (left)

"Hate": Multiple sharp-looking tringles pointing in every direction except one, where a large line encompassed by a circle with an arc in it. (right)

"Dubhaimid": 3 large vertical swiggly lines with 4 broken triangles on 4 different sides. (left)

"Others", "Foreign" or "Enemies": 2 large horizontal swiggly lines with a thin line going through them. The line has 2 "flags" near either ends, and a "radiating" circle in its middle. (right)

"Fate", "The End", "The Last Day", "The Final Battle", or "Ritual": A helmet-looking object in the middle, intersected by two lines which go out to two wing-like things. Below are two broken circles. (left)

"Chadul", "The Dark God", or "Ritual": A upside down pentagram with 3 triangles filled in and a normal pentagram in the middle. (right)

These are the symbols Teirsaes talks most about in his notes, so I assume they are very important to the dubhaimid and major symbols in their primitive writings.

Work by Deksar math-K'sull
Original notes by Teirsaes
Scribed in Loures Library with the assist of Jean Caterouge and Lars Tembli
9th Deoch, 4th Moon, 23rd Day