These playful water-borne fae are indigenous only to the many rivers and lakes of Undine. They are very magical, stoic creatures, with small stature and a strange appearance. They look as if the seahorses of the inner bays of Temuair, with small almost human faces. Legends tell that for each Aisling and mundane there lives one Undine with the same face, but that if you meet this creature, you both shall perish. They are of course of the element of sal.

    Gwragedd Annwn

    These fae are distinctive because of their large size. They are lovely blonde women who prefer to keep to the water, coming out only by the moonlight for their dancing revels. Human-sized, many a man has fawned over one of these women, only to learn later that they are, in fact, of the other realm. The oldest known group of fae in Undine, they are related directly to the Tuatha and will mate only with humans they find to be of pure Tuathic blood. These fae are the patrons of mothers, children, and the poor, but, while generous with their favors, they lack something in the human realms of intelligence, being able to count only up until the number of five. They are, as all water fae, of sal.


    These fae are known from all other water fae by their white, almost translucent skin. Men and women no older than perhaps twenty deochs, they are believed to be descendants of the Gwragedd Annwn who mated beyond the Tuathic blood, and banished into the sea, which they can, under no circumstances, leave. Their revels take place just under the water on the night of the full moon, and legend tells that it is not the reflections of the clouds, but the swimming bodies of the Ashrays which flit just under the water's surface on this night.


    While still of sal, these fae do not keep completely to the water, but, instead, prefer to make their home in the swamps and marshes at the sea's edge, far to the west. These fae are thought to look like the Kardis of the Mileth Crypts, but are rarely seen. They are said to bark at the presence of intruders, then immediately escape beneath the reeds and ferns. They are excellent craftspeople, and it is said that they are the first to design the leather bracer, but, since the introduction of Loures soldiers into Undine's territories, they have made themselves hidden, taking the ancient craft with them. These fae love to help, and are known to make themselves present at the monk training not far from their home. They also love to catch fish, and many lost Aislings owe their lives to these fae.


    Little is known about these fae, as they have never been seen, but, they are known to be benevolent, and will bless a home and hearth, keeping precious firewood dry through the long winter months. These fae do not stray from the wood's edge, and prefer not to be near the prolific watersheds. These fae are known only by their foul stench, but most matrons believe that the service and company they provide is worth that minor inconvenience.

    Heather Pixies

    These fae are the same as the previously mentioned pixies, however, instead of keeping to the woodlands, they prefer the open fields of heather than can be found in the West of Temuair. They are said to enjoy spinning flax, and flitting through athar on wings of gold.


    Very little is known about these fae. They are of srad, and their orbs of color are often seen passing over fields at twilight. Some say they are Dryads who have 'fallen' and wander now near the ground, unable to make their way back into the treetops.

    Moss People

    These athar fae are distinctive because of their beautifully colored butterfly wings, but they are hard to spot, for as the Deochs progress, they learn more and more that they are better off hiding from humans or, more specifically, the Loures soldiers who patrol Undine's streets. These men of Loures, unaccustomed to the ways of faeries, often used to slash at these folk with their swords, sometimes harming their delicate wings and contributing, inevitably, to their demise, in fact, the near extinction of their race. These days, the Moss People hide in the swamps among the moss and lichens, however, on rare occassions, they will venture out to the home of a trusted resident farmer and ask to borrow, of all things, a farming tool or two. They have not yet forgotten to bring one back, and whenever they do, it is carefully kept, cleaned, oiled, and placed upon a bed of moss which was not there when night fell.

    Well Spirits

    These fae live in the many wells of Undine, often taking shape of Aislings whose bodies they admire. They are intensely beautiful, but dangerous. They are not belligerent, but if you allow one to embrace you, it is said that they will take you down into the well to make you one of their own. Many stories circulate Undine telling of "Owen's boy" or "Catriona's girl" being taken to live in these wells. (though it is more likely that, in truth, they ran off together) It is to these spirits that one calls upon when tossing a coin into the well for luck. They will very generously serve an Aisling calling out in need for them, but their prices are high, and bartering with these fae is advised against by native monks.