Clurichauns - Loures/Piet

    Only one of these wine-guarding fae will take up residence in your house at a time. These elven fellows are the self-appointed guardians of a wine cellar. Almost always intoxicated, but always impeccably well groomed and courteous, if aloof, he will chase away all who seek to drink uninvited by the master of the house. If he is neglected, he will wreak havoc and spoil your wine stock, but if he is welcome, he will be there to stay.

    The Seelie Court

    These faeries travel all over Temuair. They are said to appear as a benevolent cloud of the most heroic and beautiful faeries in the land as they ride over the earth looking for good to do. They are called the Court because they additionally work to settle disputes among other faery troops. It is said that their Queen removed a curse from a man destined to live the remainder of his life appearing as a hobgoblin. When not searching for good to do, some stories place them underground in a great court, with jesters, feasts, and the like.

    The Unseelie Court - Spriggans

    In an unexpected show of complete opposites, so rare in the fairy world, the Unseelie Court is the antithesis of the Seelie. They are said to present themselves as a dark cloud of malevolence passing over Temuair. Members of the Seelie who fell from grace. Their unnerving howls and cackles are heard as they seek to enslave those who could become one of them. They are aided in their travels by Spriggans, bodyguards who blight crops and commit theft. They are quite greedy, but despise humans who display the same quality. There is also, of course, the Unseelie Court, an Aisling founded on the ideals of working in the name of these evil fae, thieving and wreaking havoc upon all who wander past.