What is Energy?

      What is Energy? That is a very good question. To explain precisely what Energy is would be to perform a true miracle. I can only speculate on it and refer to it via metaphor and spoken figures. Thus it would be reasonable to think of Energy as a line. Not just one line though, many lines. Thousands of lines, like threads, which stretch from one end of the horizon straight through to the other. Whatever they cannot go through, such as non-living objects, they merely circumvene. These threads all behave differently. Each thread has its own vibraton... a slow hum which resonates at a set note on a set scale. However on this scale there are but six notes, and although each thread varies slightly, the vibrations can be divided and grouped into six categories. These categories cannot be given names as of yet, so we shall call them One through Six. Categories One through Six contain an infinite number of threads of energy. These threads can exist in the same spot at the same time as long as no other category of thread attempts to cross them. Energy is, in short, unharnessed power that lingers everywhere yet cannot be seen or touched for it is in your mind that energy exists.

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