A Treatise on Lost Forms of Magic

Submitted by

Arachne of Mileth, Wizard Adept

On one of my many trips throughout Temuair, I happened upon an odd mundane in Suomi. This mundane was clothed in a simple robe of an unidentifiable black material, and wore a pointy hat of the same black material, with a long veil to cover it’s face. Seeing this odd creature, I stopped and conversed with it. After several seconds, I deduced that this creature was quite insane, as it spoke only in sing-song rhyme. I gathered no useful information from the creature at first, but when I mentioned my recent apprenticeship as a wizard, the creature froze. He reached inside his robe, pulled out a black bound book, and handed it to me. I accepted the gift, and as I reached for my purse to pay for it, the creature began chanting words of magic I had never heard before. Upon the completion of his chant, his form shimmered into that of a wolf! With a quick bark, the creature turned and bounded off into the forest, leaving me with a stunned look, and a black book… Upon opening the book, and reading therein, I learned startling information on magic.


In the days before the discovery of the elements of light and darkness, only four elements existed; the elements of earth, wind, fire, and water. Before the discovery of magic, the elements danced out escapades on the night sky, or buffeted young souls on sweet zephyrs, waves, rising hills, or warm gushes of harmless fire ((Legend of Hy-Brasyl)). With the passing of the elders of Hy-brasyl, and the arrival of human magic, the elements were harnessed to man’s will, creating spectacular feats of sheer will. These mystics could summon mighty lightning storms from the sky, or huge infernos of raging fire. But, as with all things human, these spectacular feats soon became mundane, an everyday common effect that any charlatan could duplicate. So, a few enterprising mystics set out to make themselves known, by discovering new forms of magic. It is these same mystics, that through trial and error, discovered both the elements of Darkness and Light. However, before these tremendous breakthroughs were made, many of the mystics searched into expanding the uses of the elements.

Upon further study and translation of the strange book, I was excited to find traces of the lost magics!! Unfortunately, the means to creating these spells were not listed in the book, but the effects these spells had are listed herein. Hopefully, with time, these lost magics can be recovered.

With the specialization of magic, and the discovery of the element of Darkness, many mystics were corrupted, and created spells of great destruction and terror. By decree of the elders of Loures, the means to create these spells will be obliterated from any record, as will the any research into the power words of these spells. Listed below are the invocation and effects of the spells of the ancients

Cein Chanmic- (Distant Sight) With the use of this spell, a wizard of advanced power may view events transpiring across Temuair. A pool of water or small crystal must be used in conjunction with this spell

Bac Athar- (Hinder Air) By the use of this evil spell, a wizard attempts to stop the breathing of a creature, thereby killing it instantaeneously.

Variations: Bac Athar Lamh (Hinder Air All)

Bac Sal- (Hinder Water) This malicious spell absorbs the liquid from the body of the target, causing tremendous damage through dehydration.

Variations: Bac Athar Lamh (Hinder Water All)

Bac Srad- (Hinder Fire) Perhaps the least horrid of the Bac spells, this spell attempts to freeze a creature by drawing all of the heat out of it’s body.

Variations: Bac Athar Lamh (Hinder Fire All)

Leantainn [Sal/Athar/Srad/Creag]- (Pursuing Element) This ingenious spell causes a continuous strike of elemental power on a selected target. This spell will repetitively strike an opponent until the caster runs out of manna, the caster moves, or the creature perishes.

Beag Cabhag- (Small Haste) This spell allows the wizard to double the movement speed of any creature, thereby increasing it’s number of attacks, chance to dodge, and movement rate.

Variations: Cabhag (Haste)

Cabhag Lamh (Haste All [Allies])

Beag Leasg- (Small Laziness) By means of this magic, a wizard halves the

movement speed of any creature, thereby decreasing it’s number of attacks, chance to dodge, and movement rate.

Variations: Leasg (Laziness)

Cabhag Lamh (Slow All [Enemies])

Binn Bogha-Frois- (Melodius Rainbow) This ingenious spell creates a swirling vortex of rainbow color light, which radiates a soothing melody, causing all nearby hostile creatures to become placid.

Gramaich Bean- (Holding Touch) Casting this spell will allow the wizard to paralyze the next creature it successfully hits for an indefinite period of time

Variations: Beag Gramaich (Small Holding) [Ranged]

Gramaich (Holding) [Ranged]

Gramaich Lamh (Hold All) [Ranged]

This concludes a partial listing of the knowledge of the ancients. This book shall be entrusted to the Librarian of Loures, as an addition to his grand collection of knowledge from throughout the land.

Upon turning to the next page of the book, I was horrified to discover that the rest of the pages had been ripped from the book! Now, with only this small amount of information to go on, I set out on my quest to discover the means of these lost magics. Hopefully, my treatise will inspire other wizards to help me in my search.

Submitted Humbly,

Arachne of Mileth