In Undine, one may see the beautiful lake, glistening a pale cyan
under the night skies, reflecting the tiny glimmers of silver starlight.
This sea town sees little traffic, being far from the well-travelled lands,
but as such, it's pristine beauty hasn't been spoiled by anyone.
The fountain here is a masterpiece of modern craftsmanship, and no
trip to do trading in undine would be complete without it.

You'll find that Undine lacks an inn proper, but the local monks are
quite friendly and willing to share their hearths, for nothing but a
tale of the other towns and lands. As most of us are not accustomed
to their hardy diet, i'd refrain from staying overlong, lest you fall ill
from the more unusual vittles.

The temple of Cail sits peacefully on the outskirts of the city, and
the priests and monks found there are among the kindest aislings
in Temuair most of the time. If you seek peace, seek there.