As the different towns on the map will take you to the listing of that
towns items of barter and interest, so does this explain sales to
aislings - that is, where you sell items of godly or magical properties.

There are boards in Mileth and Rucesion banks dedicated to the
sales and purchases of such items, and those are indeed your best
bet for this task. Of course, there is always the option of private sales,
if you don't want to post your goods or services on one of those boards.

However, if you run around shouting what you're selling or buying, chances
are you'll do nothing but irritate everyone around you, and perhaps get in
trouble for harassment or begging, depending.

Dark items, consecrated items (items imbued with godly attributes),
elemental items, and enchanted items, will all have to be sold to aislings,
as no mundane will buy them. But - these same items are where the real
money is to be made. So where do you find them you ask? I'll tell you.

Consecrated items - are found from creatures in the crypts, woods, swamps,
basically anywhere you kill things. The same goes for elemental items, and
enchanted items - though, some wizards will enchant items for you - just as
some priests may consecrate for you. Realize though, that they do so by
choice, you can not force them or expect them to do so, for any reason.

Now dark items, those ever so coveted things, are found in the maze beneath
Loures castle, which can only be entered if you manage to get Marlin and Jean
to talk to you about Bella. The catch is that you either do the quest to be able to
cast the spell "io dia naomh aite comlha", and cannot re-enter the maze, or
you choose a heart of stone, and may enter at any time - but cannot cast the
above spell. Rich hunting grounds, or sweet protection enwrapping you - a
tough choice - but one you'll have to make.

Now -
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